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  • Fire board recommendations presented to commission

    A subcommittee studying ways to improve county fire service came out with seven recommendations that were presented to the Levy County Commission on Tuesday.
    Commissioner Marsha Drew of Yankeetown (R-District 3) presented the recommendations which do not include some proposals that has caused a controversy throughout Levy County.

  • Employment agency moves to Chiefland

    These days, it's not just the unemployed who are having a hard time coming up with money. Even the people who help the unemployed find jobs are pinching pennies.
    In October, CLM  Workforce Connection, located in Bronson, will be shutting down and moving to Chiefland.

  • Peet wins Bronson's first Figure 8 race

    Special to the Citizen
    Bronson Speedway continued the rebuilding process of racing competition this past Saturday night, as racing families, crews, friends, fans and diverse racing divisions slowly come home to the sacred asphalt known as the high banks of Bronson.

  • Mr. Uncle Sam, don't touch my apple fritter


    Out To Pastor


  • Editorial toon for Sept. 8
  • When you’ve had one too many

  • Mad about garbage

    Don't you agree that the majority of the population appreciates the trailers provided for our recyclables?
    To be able to separate items and not make our landfill that much larger seems a real blessing.
    Last week, a gentleman was replacing a full trailer, and I mentioned how sad it is that some people use them as garbage recepticles.
    He replied,"Yes," pointing to some open garbage bags. "They are full of dirty diapers."
    Another time, a man was parked by the trailer and was actually using a shovel to scoop trash into the windows

  • Outraged over theft

    This is a message for the person who “appropriated” the historic Town of Albion, Fla., railroad station sign which stood on the south side of State Road 24 across from the entrance to University Oaks.
    Your actions clearly demonstrate what a selfish, inconsiderate, and disrespectful person you are.
    You are selfish for robbing everyone else of a marker denoting the history and heritage of Levy County, so you can decorate the walls of your shop or hunt camp.

  • Two days of infamy

    Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941, and New York City, Sept. 11, 2001 are two days that as Americans are permanently etched into our way of life — when America was struck by its enemies without provocation. Both of these days, although 60 years apart, are joined by the loss of American life into the thousands followed by a world view into the resolve of the human spirit that makes us supremely American.

  • Woman winning depression fight