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  • Editorial toon for the week of Toc. 13
  • Quote of the week for Oct. 13

    "I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have."

    Thomas Jefferson,
    Founding father

  • Land seekers, get creative

    As organizer of the Center for Rural Affairs Land Link program, which matches beginning farmers with landowners, I talk to beginning farmers every day.  
    Their situations are diverse but they all share a common dream of operating a farm or ranch.
    Our Land Link participant list contains over 250 beginners and fewer than 20 landowners.  
    Recognizing this "bottle-neck" in the match making process, I encourage beginners to get creative in their search for land.

  • Are you ready for Sharia law?

    Were you aware that in Muslim and Communist countries Christians don't walk the streets in the daytime? At night they sneak out to a house where other Christians gather to pray and worship God.
    If they are found out, the young girls and women are raped by gangs of Muslims and then are put on trial as prostitutes, thrown in jail until they renounce Jesus or die. The press will not tell you this.

  • ‘Our public schools are failures!’

    At least that is what our governmental administrators and legislatures are saying, and no doubt that is the belief of the general populace.
    The U.S. ranks 33rd in National Test Scores out of the 172 countries in the world. However, when you compare the test scores to other countries that believe all students should receive a free public education. (Oh, none of the other countries that score higher than us educate the entire populace). The exceptions are countries i.e. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, which have a population about the same as Montana with no diversity.

  • God has room enough in His heart


    Outdoor Truths

  • My grandfather and that new contraption: the telephone


    Out to Pastor

  • Bembry’s three bills signed by Gov. Scott

    State Rep. Leonard Bembry had three bills passed during the 2011 legislative session signed by Gov. Rick Scott in a ceremony.

  • Medicare 2012 enrollment begins Saturday, closes Dec. 7

       SHINE, a volunteer program with the Florida Department of Elder Affairs is going on tour in the Tri-county area to help retirees make the best informed decision for the 2012 Medicare Part D Drug Plan or Medicare Advantage Plan.  
       Each site listed will have a short presentation followed by individual counseling.  SHINE provides free, unbiased and confidential counseling.
       Low-Income Medicare beneficiaries should ask about Extra Help (LIS) to help pay for 2012  Medicare Prescription Drug Plan costs.

  • Yankeetown celebrates planning award

       Yankeetown officials were presented the "Better Community Award" from the 1000 Friends of Florida in ceremonies on Tuesday during a community picnic. Participating were, left to right, Mayor Dawn Marie Clary, 1000 Friends of Florida President Charles Pattison, Levy County Commissioner Marsha Drew, Yankeetown Planning and Zoning Committee Chairman Larry Cohan, Town Councilmen Norm Shannahan and Jack Schofield, and Yankeetown Vice Mayor Larry Feldhusen.