Local News

  • County and circuit elections show 11 early starters

    BRONSON - While there is a focus on the Jan. 29 Presidential Primary and the vote for tax relief in Florida, records from Bronson and Tallahassee show 11 candidates have opened financial accounts to run for various posts open this year in Levy County and the Eighth Judicial Circuit as of Jan. 3.

    Accounts for candidates seeking election as Eighth Judicial Circuit State Attorney, two Eighth Judicial Circuit Court judge seats open this year, Levy County Superintendent of Schools, three Levy County Commission seats, Levy County Property Appraiser and Levy County Sheriff.

  • People plead to reject mine

    BRONSON - Southern Levy County residents pleaded with their leaders to reject a request for a special exception to allow a giant mine in the Gulf Hammock area.

    County Commission Chairman Sammy Yearty told the group, led by Betty Berger of Inglis, that the commission would listen to them. Until the quasi-judicial hearing where the commission would decide whether to grant the special exception to zoning, however, the commissioners cannot comment about the issue.

  • Shooting incidents result in arrests

    BRONSON - Some shooting incidents resulted in arrests by the Levy County Sheriff's Office this week.

    An 18-year-old Williston man was arrested Dec. 31 for discharging a firearm in public and felonious criminal mischief.

    Michael W. Simpson admitted shooting approximately eight road signs when he was caught at about 3:30 that morning, according to records.

  • Cervone won't prosecute voter fraud

    GAINESVILLE - Eighth Judicial Circuit State Attorney Bill Cervone told Gary J. Holland, the assistant general counsel of the Florida Department of State, that he is not prosecuting any of the 11 Chiefland area people accused of voter fraud.

    On Sept. 27, 2007, Holland sent allegations that 11 people voted improperly in the Aug. 7 Chiefland city election, because they were not residents of the city.

    Cervone said he believes the definition of "residency" for voting purposes is subjective.

  • Bronson, Otter Creek fire departments to merge?

    There are advantages and disadvantages in living in a tiny community a good distance from a bigger town.

    On the down side are higher insurance rates, as lagging fire fighting services don't sit well with Insurance Services Office (ISO) folks.

    The ISO?s public protection classification program evaluates communities according to a set of criteria defined by a Fire Suppression Rating Schedule.

    Towns are rated on a 1-10 scale, the lower number the better.

  • Mayo comeback stuns Bronson boys

    Mayo represented well at the Bronson Holiday Tournament, winning two of three and playing a very solid game against tournament winner Dixie County.

    It was unexpected that Mayo would return the following week to beat Bronson.

    Win the Hornets did, however, as they came from behind in the final minute to shock the home team and fans with a 52-50 takeaway last Friday night.

  • Do's and don'ts of recycling

    Johnnie Pendarvis, Levy County Landfill Recycling Coordinator, said that there are 26 recycling trailers strategically dotting the county.

    "We've got them from Morriston to Inglis to Fanning Springs," he said.

    They are there for residents to put their aluminum, tin cans, plastic bottles and newspapers for recycling.

    Recycling helps in many ways. It relieves pressure on the landfill, plus the county receives a small fee for the recyclables according to weight.

    There are two things Pendarvis stresses.

  • Chiefland Citizen turns green

    John Jones has always been from the "waste not, want not" school.

    Working in the Chiefland Citizen's press room/mail room the past four years, Jones noticed that most of the trash bin's contents was newspaper.

    Some of it was waste from press run starts, some of it was old papers, some out of town papers.

    It all added up to a lot.

  • Another crop of Master Gardeners ready to grow

    Gardening is a hobby that helps folks relax and be at one with nature.

    There is a deep satisfaction in helping and watching plants grow to fruition.

    Some are into arranging flowers and shrubs for aesthetically pleasing purposes. Some love to grow their own vegetables and fruits.

    The learning curve continues an upward swing for hobbyists who yearn to gain more knowledge about how to get the most out of their green endeavors.

    Books and Internet are major tools.

    Those who hunger for even more knowledge can attend classes.

  • Levy Schools addresses sex education void

    BRONSON–With temptations abounding for today's young teens, a special School Health Advisory committee decided its about time Levy County tackled the sometimes touchy subject of sex education.

    Carol Jones, the schools, Tech Prep Coordinator who headed up the committee, saw the handwriting on the wall.

    "Teen pregnancy is up in the county and sexually transmitted diseases are also on the rise in the 15-19 age bracket," she said. "We felt it was time to address the issue."