County to auction off 42 properties

By Suzette Cook, Reporter

Investors looking to buy property in Levy County can show up at the Levy County Court House on June 17 at 10 a.m. to bid on 42 parcels.

The properties have been escheated or reverted back to belonging to Levy County. The County researches escheated properties and decides on which parcels to keep as investments and which parcels to offer up to the public to enter them back on County property tax rolls.

The minimum opening bids range from $200 to $16042.50 and, once purchased, the new owners won’t owe the current year’s property taxes.

According to Levy County Attorney Legal Assistant Susan Haines, “Back taxes are gone, and the board voted to forgive taxes for the current year.” But Haines suggests potential buyers do their research because the properties are sold “as is” and future the property taxes become the responsibility of the new owner.