Pictured, from left: Harry Hutson; Jonathan Cannon, Tracy Hodge; Running Sports Booster Club Treasurer Tammy Boyle, Rachael Hutson, Running Sports Booster Club President Lynne Stockman; Banner Hodge; Olivia Desiderio; Coach Lee Bell; Luke Stockman; Tim Reedy and Stewart Wasson.
Fledgling Running Sports Booster Club is revitalizing track, cross country at CMHS

It’s only been about a year and a half since the formation of the Chiefland Middle High School Runnings Sports Booster Club, which works to facilitate resources for the Indians’ track and field and cross country programs.

Runnings sports might appear to have lo-tech needs, but that’s not actually the case.

The booster club has big plans, and it’s reception of a $1,500 check through a grant from the Capital City Bank Foundation was a big step towards one of those ends. The funds were earmarked for a new pole vault set, which has already been ordered. The Club was figuring out the logistics of bringing it to Chiefland, from Ohio.

Harry Hutson, a longtime coach, now technically retired, who was a principal figure behind the start of the club, can’t recall how long it’s been since the track and field program had a working pole vault set. It’s been longer than a decade, and its absence is costly to the team’s success.

Hutson was a member of the school’s first-ever track team, coached by the legendary C. Doyle McCall.