Suzette Cook/Citizen
Branching out

By Suzette Cook/Reporter

It didn’t take long for Treehouse Designer B’Fer Roth to sketch a decked-out treehouse that would perfectly settle into four towering water oaks on a property just off a sandy dirt road in Old Town.

The pencil drawing became a blueprint for episode 208 of ‘The Treehouse Guys,’ which was filmed in 2016 on a 5-acre parcel owned by Jamie and Sara LaCourse.

The LaCourses purchased the vacation property that is 90 miles north of their home in Oxford as an escape for their family, which includes their three sons. But the LaCourse family leads a busy life and can’t get to the retreat every week.

“If we’re not here to enjoy it, we want other people to enjoy it, it’s just so cool,” Sara said. “Why can’t we share our oasis with others?”

The LaCourses decided to claim the getaway one weekend a month and rent out both the treehouse and the traditional cabin to others during the rest of the month.