Suzette Cook
Superintendent Jeff Edison outlines the School District's new strategic plan.
Superintendent rolls out grassroots strategic planning goals

Suzette Cook, Reporter

Levy County Superintendent Jeffery Edison stood at the podium at the Feb. 12 School Board meeting and pointed to the district mission displayed on the wall behind him. “Our mission is to educate all students in a safe environment and to graduate them ready for college and career success,” the statement reads.

Every year, the School Board approves a strategic plan. This year, Edison is changing how the Board achieves that goal.

From the podium, Edison brought the attention of the Board members, staff, community members, teachers and students at the meeting to an 8-foot board with five topics listed. He assigned a Board Member to each topic.

Student achievement: Ashley Clemenzi, human resources: Cameron Asbell, fiscal resources: Brad Etheridge, public relations: Chris Cowart, and safe schools Paige Brookins. He also assigned district staff and school administrators to those topics.

“Every school district is required to have a strategic plan,” Edison said. “A lot of times, we redo something we’ve adopted, something we were working on.”