Who is really in support?

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For some time now, there have been banners set up around the county, with the words, “Levy County Sheriffs Office Employees Support Bobby McCallum for Sheriff”.

Some people have asked if this includes all the employees, or the majority of the employees or just a few.  If anyone would take the time to stop and read the fine writing on the banner, it names the seven or so employees that support this candidate.  This is a small number when compared to a department with around 160 employees.  I do not remember ever being asked if I would endorse, agree to participate, or if there was a poll around the department to give an accurate account of supporters.  

As a Sheriff’s office employee, I feel that specific wording on the banner conveys a broad opinion to the public that seems placed “on my behalf".  When in truth, when on duty as an employee in my capacity, it wouldn't be appropriate to express my political view or endorsement when asked for such.  How can my support be generalized merely based on the fact that I'm an employee? In essence, the statement on this banner uses my employment status to sway the public opinion. The average person now makes a connection between this banner and I, which basically speaks for my opinion without being asked. It practically makes me a walking bumper sticker. So, for the record, if you ask me, I will tell you, “Only the polls will know my vote in November”.

 In the meantime, in my opinion, there are so many great people that make up the Levy County Sheriff’s Office FAMILY, which is now severely demoralized and divided by this year’s politics. I can only look forward to this election year concluding and bringing the office an intimidation free work environment.

Jason Gallup