What’s in your future?

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What’s in your future? What do you have to say about it? I thought I had the rest of my life all planned out. I’d grow in my career of aerospace, defense, and satellites contract management, for the next ten years. I’d continue to accumulate wealth, then retire comfortably in the sleepy suburb of Manhattan Beach, California, and enjoy the rest of my life at the beach traveling and enjoying the warm California sun. But lo; it was not to be.

Within one month, everything had been turned upside down and dumped out. I faced a divorce, lost my home, life savings, and most all my friends. I developed a repeating nightmare of everyone I knew crashing and dying in a giant 747 airplane. What a shock, when we find out our best laid plans can die overnight.

That was 30 years ago. I met my soul mate, and since then I sold mountain cabins at Big Bear Lake, worked a ski rental shop at Snow Summit Ski Resort, earned a Masters in Science in Mental Health Counseling in Florida, completed a 15-year career counseling troubled youth and families, taught psychology at Florida Gateway College for 10 years, wrote a positive psychology self-help newspaper column for 5 years, and published “Happiness is Looking For You!” with Amazon Books.

What is our future? What is your future? Can you do anything about it? Religions, scientists, and philosophers have always looked for the answers. Each religion offers you a set of beliefs about the future. Some current theories address free will, and the choices we make, determinism, and probability theory. “String theory” and “Probability theory” theorize that the future doesn’t really exist, except as likely possible futures. Many powerful forces cause changes in your present time, with the possibility that there are random forces—things that happen purely by chance—that all work together, to create your actual future. So every choice you make, everything you do, influences your future.

So, what can you do? Can you do anything to make your future more like the future you’d like for yourself? The science of “positive psychology” offers some ideas. A basic principle is: “You are what you think, and you are what you do!” If you can imagine and plan goals you want for yourself, and see yourself accomplishing them, and create a vision of what it will look like once you accomplish them, positive psychology suggests that you are 90% of the way to achieving what you want! It’s also suggested that whatever you do, your actions, or what psychologists call “behavior,” will strongly influence what you become! What are some behaviors that will help you build that happier, more satisfying and productive future for yourself? Pick choices and activities that will be steps toward your future goals. Try to act as if you’ve already achieved your desired plans and goals. What would you be doing? Who would be with you? Where will you be? How will you be feeling? What will your life be like?

In a broader sense, everything we think, feel, or do, are all classified as “behaviors.” Your dreaming, planning, scheduling, and taking action, are all behaviors. So think and act to build that better, happier future that we all deserve. You deserve it.

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