Weapons class fundraiser for Police Olympics

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The Levy World Games Fund is sponsoring a fundraising concealed weapons class that can help earn a permit on Saturday, Oct. 27, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Levy County Sheriff's Office, 9150 N.E. 80th Ave., Bronson. 

The pre-registration fee is $60 and on the day of the class, $75. The fee includes instruction, fingerprints, photo for the permit and notarization

   The money will be used to send Shriff's Cpl. Tom Martin and Lt. Scott Tummond to represent Levy County in the World Police/Fire Olympics in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The class will be taught by law enforcement firearms instructors. Students are encouraged to bring their own weapon, 20-25 rounds of factory-loaded ammunition and eye and ear protection.

For those who do not own a pistol, bring 20 rounds of .38 caliber ammunition and a pistol will be supplied.

   This class will qualify students to apply to the state for a Florida Concealed Weapons permit (additional state fees will apply).

Register online at www.levypistolclass.info. 

For more information call Scott Finnen at 

352-443-3611or email sgtfinnen@hotmail.com.