Top Eagles celebrated at BMHS fall banquet

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By Sean Arnold

Bronson Middle High School went beyond its usual football banquet to include cheerleaders, band members and JROTC, and even recognized a group of special seniors who will see their names etched along the Bronson Eagle Pride Walk for future generations to remember.


School Board of Levy County member and Bronson alum Cameron Asbell played host for the evening in his Bronson orange blazer, as he extolled the virtues of Bronson Middle High School and let his school spirit fly high.

“If you look around, this is where the leaders come from,” he started. “Other towns have other things, but the best high school, not only in this county, not only in this state, but in this entire country is right here, and you students are the best there are, and that comes from me.”

The members of the JROTC, band, cheer squad and football team were introduced and given various recognitions.

“We are truly proud of these kids and their commitment,” Asbell said of the JROTC, whose members were introduced by executive officer Sydnee Duff-Conaway. Senior band members Kayla Regueiro and Clay Dean introduced the Pride of Bronson.

Cheerleading head coach Genny Foshee introduced her squad, after Asbell noted it won first place at cheerleading camp in its first participation there in 10 years.

“These girls were selected in April and they haven’t stopped working,” Foshee said. “Everything thing they get they deserve to get.”

The Bronson senior cheerleaders include: Diamond Sheffield; Jazlyn Margraf; Katie Lott; Autumn Boyd; Brianna Quinn; Julieann Sullivan; Rebecca Rodgers; and Jenevieve Squires, who played the “Eddie the Eagle” mascot.

Head football coach Tim King introduced his team and issued photo plaques, and he and associate head coach James Roundtree announced team superlatives for offense and defense.

The defensive awards went to sophomore defensive lineman Braden Dean; sophomore Levi Warmack and junior Miles Carter.

“This kid has the potential to really big things,” Roundtree said of Dean. “I was so impressed as i watched video of our games.”

Of Carter, Roundtree said, “Everytime I call out a senior meeting in think he’s supposed to be there, even though he’s only an 11th grader, because he’s demonstrated leadership like a senior. He’s a good role model for our kids.”

Roundtree said Warmack is “tough as nails, crazy, (and) very bright. He’s going to be really good. We’re really proud of him.”

Outstanding honors on offense when to senior Christian Kidd; junior offensive lineman Garin Osteen Jr. and junior receiver Cole Langston.

King first introduced Osteen, adding that “he’s a player if you tell him to do something he’s going to tackle it with no complaints. He wants to learn. I was impressed with his leadership and his technique.”

In revealing Kidd as Outstanding Offensive Back, King said he’s “one of our first-year players but was able to play about every position. He’s a heckuva athlete.”

On Langston, King said, “Anytime I talk about him I can’t help but smile. He’s got probably the biggest mouth on the team, but he was able to make some really good plays this year.”

Finally, senior Caleb Chemin was honored as the most outstanding overall player.

“You’re talking about a kid who can literally carry a team on his back and play any position on the field,” King said. “I can comfortably say he’s the coach on the field. He’s given it all he’s got. He’s pushed himself in the weight room, he’s a heckuva leader, I just wish him the best success.”

In addition to Kidd and Chemin, the football seniors included: Christian Kahn; John Konstantis; Chad Martin; Crispin Silva; Jarius Thomas; Adam Abouzid; Crispin Silva; Tra Francis; Joel Ramirez and Austin Houchens.

The Bronson Quarterback Club paid a special recognition to head football coach Tim King, a 23-year-old Bronson alum who accepted the job when the Eagles found themselves without a coach on the cusp of the preseason.

“We had a fellow that saw, through no fault of anybody, that we weren’t where we needed to be. We needed a coach, and he stepped up,” Asbell said.

“The motto we have here is, ‘We’re always going to be the best we can with what we got,’” King said. “That was certainly true this season. These boys worked.”

King and Asbell paid tribute to the tireless volunteers behind the scenes during football season, including: Lisa Shipp; Eric and Tonya Godkin; Melisa Asbell; volunteer photographer Helen Vradenburgh; Mr. Sullivan of First Baptist Church in Bronson; and Brian Simpkins, who was unable to attend, but was presented with the program’s first-ever golden spatula and handcuffs for his commitment to caring for the field and helping in concessions.

“I’ve seen Brian about to collapse in the August heat and say on a Thursday, ‘It’s got to get done,’ only to come back and cook hamburgers all night Friday,” Asbell said.

Roundtree was also recognized by the Club, prompting a long standing ovation and a ‘We love you, coach,’ from his players.

In the final awards of the night, the Quarterback Club, as part of its new brick program, issued certificates to “special seniors” that can be redeemed for bricks with their names at a later date, to be placed at the school. The seniors included: Sydnee Duff-Conaway; Joshua Espinoza; Clay Dean; Kayla Regueiro; Autumn Boyd; Katie Lott; Brianna Quinn; Rebecca Rodgers; Diamond Sheffield; Julieann Sullivan; Jenevieve Squires; Christian Kidd; Caleb Chemin; John Konstantis; Crispin Silva; Adam Abouzid; Tra Francis; Christian Kahn and Joel Ramirez.

“We want to recognize seniors of Bronson High School who have left a mark on the school,” Asbell said.

BMHS principal Gary Masters offered the closing remarks, noting the courage, ownership, respect and enthusiasm that the night’s honorees display, as part of the school’s C.O.R.E. motto.