Tiner part of senior class looking to lead Chiefland football

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By Sean Arnold

The season is still more than two months away, but Dalton Tiner can sense something different in the air surrounding Chiefland football.

With a strong core of returning seniors, a bigger roster under first-year Indians head coach Adam Gore, encouraging results from the off-season weight program, and a playoffs-or-bust attitude, Tiner hopes this year will be his most special after more than a decade of playing football.

“We’ve put a lot more work into (the weight room),” he says. “All of our linemen are benching over 300. It’s been a big difference obviously.”

With more potential depth coming up on the offensive line, Tiner, who played a lot on the offensive line the last two seasons, figures to focus his time more on the defensive side of the ball, at defensive tackle. He was part of a dominant effort by the defensive line in the spring game, where he joined Brian Norris Jr. and B.C. Fehmerling as senior captains.

“He’s one of our better defensive linemen, so we definitely want to concentrate him there,” Gore says. “Now, he’s one of our better offensive linemen as well, but if we can get young guys to come along on that offensive line, it frees him up some on defense, and we want to have the defense as stout as possible.

“He can do both for you, but it can really free him up so he can pin his ears back and it really gives us a lot of minutes on defense. Some of those younger guys have to put in the work over the summer so we’re able to do that kind of thing with Dalton.”

Between his improved strength and focusing on one side of the ball, Tiner could feel the difference in the spring game at Wildwood.

“I felt confident,” he says. “I felt better than I’ve felt all through my high school years.

“The majority of our offensive line had never played a varsity football game, so it was an eye-opening game. Once they got into it we took off with it.”

Tiner doesn’t mind the off-season grind so much, since the payoff is so palpable. He also enjoys all of the little competitions with teammates that go into the work.

“You can see the results of your work,” Tiner says, “to know you’re dominating on the field because of the work you’ve put in.”

Tiner, who stands around 5-foot-8 or 5-9, and weighs around 215, employs a quick burst off the ball to overpower linemen. Gore says his leverage technique and his character make him a good fit for the trenches.

“He’s a strong kid, he’s a tough kid, he’s a mean kid,” Gore says. “He could get a little bit better with his hands, that’s something we’re working on.

“If you’re in a foxhole with him, you feel comfortable because he’s going to give you everything he’s got. He comes from a great family. On and off the field, it’s what you want.”

Tiner says he’s always been a lineman since playing football from the age of 6.

“I’ve never taken off a season,” Tiner says. “My dad played a little bit in high school but had to quit in order to help his family, and he kind of introduced me to it and I took off with it.”

Tiner hasn’t made a decision on what he’d like to do after high school, but has considered trying to play college football. His senior schedule will be filled heavily with dual enrollment courses.

The senior defensive tackle has reunited with Gore after playing for him as a freshman on junior varsity.

“(The senior class) is so mature beyond their years,” Gore said. “They’re a great example for the younger kids, just how to go about the game, how to prepare, how to go about your business. Dalton and the others, it’s a really small senior class, they really know how to go about their business.

“It’s good to be able to coach them again, just because of the type of young men they are. It really makes coaching easy when you have a group like this one.”

Tiner played varsity the past two seasons.

“I’ve been around him all my life,” he said of Gore. “It wasn’t nothing new for me, it’s just varsity football now.”



Dalton Tiner

Q : Who is the teammate that’s most likely to make you laugh?

A: "It would probably be between BC Fehmerling and Lane Studstill. We grew up together through school and they’ve always been my buddies. They’re the two that are going to be the clowns on the team."

Q: Which teammate inspires you the most?

A: "There are a few of them. My fellow classmates, like Lane, BC, Lance (Horne), Brian Norris."

Q: What song or music are you most likely to listen to get ready for a workout or game?

A: "There’s a lot of music that I listen to, I don’t have anything specific. I like to get hyped up."

Q: Name a college or pro player you enjoy watching?

A: "I don’t really watch much college football."

Q: What game are you most looking forward to?

A: "Our Trenton game. I think it’s going to be a big game."

Q: What’s your favorite memory of playing football?

A: "There have been a lot of good time, good memories, but last year, my favorite play of all time was against Dixie County. I was playing nose or tackle, I busted through the line, caused a fumble and assisted on the tackle, all on the same play. That was an awesome play I remember."

Q: What do you like least about football?

A: "Probably the running and all the sprints, staying in shape. I know it’s necessary, but it just gets old. Just getting back into it, that’s always a killer."

Q: What’s your favorite part about football?

A: "Probably when we do the Oklahoma hitting drills. I like to get into that stuff. I like the competition even within my own team."

Q: Who’s influenced you the most?

A: "Through football, Coach (Jim) O’Neil, Coach Sheffield, and the coaches we have now, Coach Gore and his brother, there’re have been a lot of influences, a lot of people I look up to."

Q: If you could play any other position, what would it be?

A: "It would probably be middle linebacker. I’d stick with defense, honestly. any linebacker position."

Q: It will be a successful season if…?

A: "It’s a new momentum, a new feeling in the air. Coach Gore’s got it in our heads, and I couldn’t agree more, that it’s playoffs or bust. But Dixie (County), Trenton and Williston – that’s the three biggest teams I want to beat. "