Taking a knee?

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By Bob Denny

I played football with “Loopie” Favre, back in high school. Our coach would yell, “Take a knee!” when he wanted to offer us some “constructive criticism,” or more often, to “chew us out.” (You may be familiar with Loopie’s son, another pretty good quarterback.)

To a football player, “taking a knee” means “Listen up! I need your attention for something important!” It was never a sign of disrespect, or a way to express anger. It was just a way of communicating to a bunch of us that there’s something important, that really needs to be said.

When NFL teams, major league baseball teams, or singers performing the Star Spangled Banner for fans speak out by taking a knee, whether it’s against racism, against our country or our flag, or against our president, do you take a knee or join arms? Instead of interpreting “take a knee” as a disrespect of the flag, or of veterans, there are alternative explanations, like pointing out how we can become an even better society, come together, and acknowledge some remaining unfairness in a good system that could still use some fine tuning.

So, do you take a knee, or lock arms? Do you allow it to divide us more, or to widen the chasm between us? Maybe we can use this as a positive way to look at what we can do to make our nation better, and each one of us can learn and grow a little. Would you like to support mutual respect, appreciation, understanding, empathy, and love for your fellow human being? Can’t we come together instead of standing apart? Can’t we agree that it’s more important to see areas where we, and our nation, can be even better, instead of allowing more divisiveness, resentment, and hatred? America, have a heart. There’s less and less room here for hate. I’d be happy to take a knee with my fellow Americans. Think about taking a knee, or locking arms together.

Bob Denny retired from counseling troubled youth, and from teaching psychology at Florida Gateway College. Your comments are welcome at Bob.Denny8@gmail.com, or phone 386 454 4950.