SVP auditions for “Cry of the Banshee”

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   Suwannee Valley Players will hold auditions for its fall production of “Cry of  the Banshee” on July 14 at 10 a.m. and July 17 at 7 p.m. All auditions are held at the Chief Theater. This will be a cold read for the directors.
   “Cry of the Banshee” is a spine-tingler adapted from the classic Poe film story that starred Vincent Price and Elizabeth Bergner. In 16th-Century Ireland, a cruel Lord Edward Whitman seeks to destroy the ‘banshee cult’ of Oona, a powerful witch, but she puts a curse on his family.  Generations later, Whitman Manor has been moved stone by stone to America and the last of the family, a young brother and sister, seek to escape the curse. But stalking the house, even in modern times, is an ancient spirit or sidhe, a thing that can never die, which has taken on human form. Its name is Roderick, and he has no idea that he isn’t a man of flesh and blood.  Also, he’s in love with the sister, whom he plans to marry. Things go awry on the anniversary of the curse when Oona’s descendant, a dealer in witchcraft, arrives at the house and commands the sidhe to begin its evil.
   In addition to actors and actresses, there is always a need for backstage help, set designers and builders, lights and house. If you have ever thought you might be interested in getting involved with the theater, we invite you to attend one of the auditions and volunteer your services. For more information about the Players and the theater, visit our website at www.svplayers.com.