Steve Oelrich running for Congress, 3rd District

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I’m Steve Oelrich, conservative Republican running for Congress in the newly created 3rd Congressional District here in North Central Florida. Currently, I’m a state Senator representing over 60 percent of this new district, and was the first and only Republican Sheriff elected in Alachua County since Reconstruction. I’m pro-life, pro-gun and pro-family.
Today we are at a crossroads with what is occurring up in Washington and in Congress. It’s not just that Government is broken. Debt keeps rising because we keep borrowing more and more. No one seems to have the backbone to make the tough decisions to slash government spending and finally balance the budget.
Yes, we need to repeal Obamacare. We have to. For us. For our businesses. For our children and grandchildren. But we also need Members of Congress who will finally vote to slash and then balance the budget; not cave in to special interests. If you want someone in Congress who will help you with “pet projects” or earmarks, don’t vote for me – because that’s not what I’m going up there to do.I am running for Congress to do three basic things:1. Try to restore honesty and integrity back to Congress.2. Implement immediate fiscal responsibility in Congress.3. Let the voters have a clear choice this year in a battle between go-along-to-get-along politician and Washington insider, against a conservative outsider ready to take a stand.I don’t need to tell you that honesty and integrity in Washington is gone. Politicians in Washington promise whatever it takes to get elected. But when they come home, they don’t tell us the truth about their actions and votes. Instead, they look after the special interests. I am running for Congress because I believe you deserve the truth. There are no quick fixes or easy solutions. And we can’t borrow our way out of the problem; we borrowed our way into it. We can’t tax our way out either. Greece, Italy, Spain and Ireland couldn’t do it and they have gone bankrupt trying. For the last five years, I have voted for a balanced budget. This year, I voted against the state budget because it contained too many ‘turkeys,’ or pet projects like earmarks.This election will be between a go-along-to-get-along politician from Washington who will do anything to get re-elected, and a conservative outsider, a law and order Sheriff who has always voted for a balanced budget and has fought against turkeys, pet projects or earmarks. We must change Washington and rid ourselves of those who don’t represent us anymore.I’m Steve Oelrich, State Senator and former Sheriff, and I am personally asking for your help, support and vote on August 14th.Thank you and God Bless.Sincerely,Steve OelrichConservative Republican CandidateFlorida’s 3rd Congressional DistrictPaid for by Steve Oelrich for Congress?