Smoke warning for Dixie County

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On Monday, personnel from the Florida Division of Forestry, Dixie County Fire Department, Dixie County Sherriff’s office and Foley Timber and Land Company responded to a wildfire in Dixie County, on Highway 19 South near Tennille. The cause of the 35 acre wildfire is currently unknown. No structures were threatened or damaged as a result of this wildfire.  The wildfire is 100% contained at this time but continues to smolder. Personnel from the Florida Department of Transportation have posted smoke signs on the affected area of Highway 19 South. Drivers in the area should use caution over the next several days.
Several weeks of dry weather have significantly increased the wildfire danger both within the county and across the state. Remember to be fire safe year-round and take time to keep your home and family safe from wildfires. Only YOU can prevent wildfires, so remember the following tips:
-          ALWAYS be careful when using fire for any reason- including campfires and barbeques.
-          Never leave a fire unattended.  Make sure it is dead out before you leave and keep a shovel and water hose handy at all times.

-          If your fire escapes, you may be held liable for suppression costs and damage caused to the property of others.
-          Report all fires IMMEDIATELY to 911.
-          Don’t burn on windy days or when the humidity is below 35%
-          Closely watch for any sparks that might fly from equipment you may be using. This includes not only grinding equipment and torches, but also any lawn care equipment and off road vehicles.
-          Be sure that spark arrestors are in place on all engines used near wildland fuel. Have these engines tuned so they don't back fire.
-          If parking on dry grass or brush, remember that the heat of your car can start a fire.
-          Supervise children and be sure they understand the dangers of fire and the possible consequences of their actions.
-          Don’t invite a wildfire into your home: take time to remove flammable debris like pine straw, dry leaves and twigs from your roof and 30 ft around your home.
-          If you have information about a wildland fire believed to be set by an arsonist, call the Arson Alert Hotline at 941-694-2181. Caller may remain anonymous and may receive a reward of up to $5000 for information leading to an arrest.
-          Call your local Division of Forestry office at (850) 838-2299 or visit www.fl-dof.com if you have any questions regarding wildfire prevention and safety.