School Board agenda for Tuesday, Sept. 17

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September 17, 2013

9:00 a.m.

Regular Session

  1. A)  Call to Order

  2. B)  Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation

  3. C)  Welcome Visitors

  4. D)  Employee Disciplinary Action:

  5. E)  2013-2014 Insurance Renewal Recommendation:

  6. F)  District Strategic Plan:

  7. G)  Flip It! Smack It! Stack It! Recycle Presentation:

  8. H)  Approval of Minutes of September 3, 2013 Board Meeting

  9. I)  Consent Agenda


  1. a)  Employee Status

  2. b)  Illness-In-Line-of-Duty Leave Request

  3. c)  Family Medical Leave Request

  4. d)  Professional Leave Requests

  5. e)  Student Trip Requests

  6. f)  Administrative Services:

    1. 5-Year District Facilities Work Plan


2. 2013/2014 SY Contract with College of Central Florida Mid-FL Career Pathway Consortium g) Recommendations


a) Financial Statement as of August 2013

  1. J)  Superintendent’s Comments / Recommendations

  2. K)  Board Member Comments

  3. L)  School Visits: JBES and WES