Outraged over theft

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This is a message for the person who “appropriated” the historic Town of Albion, Fla., railroad station sign which stood on the south side of State Road 24 across from the entrance to University Oaks.
Your actions clearly demonstrate what a selfish, inconsiderate, and disrespectful person you are.
You are selfish for robbing everyone else of a marker denoting the history and heritage of Levy County, so you can decorate the walls of your shop or hunt camp.
You are inconsiderate for not giving thought to how many volunteer hours were donated to raise the money to pay for that historic marker.
You are disrespectful for ignoring your early teachings to have respect for the property of others.
It is more than a coincidence that six months ago, the historic marker denoting the station stop at Meredith, located two miles to the west, also was “appropriated.”
If you have a conscience, do the right thing and return the signs.
To remain anonymous, you can throw the signs over the fence at the Levy County Road Department after hours.
Toni C. Collins,


Levy County Historical Society