OUR VIEW: Kudos ... to CMS staff and faculty

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A couple of weeks ago was surely the worst imaginable for Chiefland Middle School Principal Darby Allen. 

Until the moment two young men from a tent revival stepped onto the campus and into the lunchroom, she was best known for her school having earned an “A” grade for five years in a row. 

It was an enviable record. 

Allen and her staff are to be commended for realizing they had an intrusion and halting it quickly and making sure no children were in danger. 

But then parents learned about the intrusion from their children instead of school officials. And it came to light that no official report was made to document the incident. The men were not even cited with trespassing. 

It's debatable as to whether parents should have been notified of the incident. No harm was done. 

Who knows what stories the children told their parents. Better to have the bad news come from school officials. 

It's debatable as to whether a citation should have been issued. The men meant no harm; they wanted to save souls. They were sent on their way with a verbal warning.

A report on the incident should have been written immediately just in case the men turned up at another school. 

Allen spent her Tuesday talking to school administration and concerned parents while also overseeing the FCAT writing exam.

And just when it was all settling down on Wednesday, a bomb threat written on a bathroom stall was reported.

The school went through its official procedures of emptying out and searching to make sure the buildings were safe. 

Parents received a robo call notifying them of the event. 

No one had much to complain about. A report was made and an investigation to nab the culprit will be done. 

There is one common item in both incidents: the school staff knew what to do and acted. They have been trained and empowered to act. 

And when the situation called for it, they did.

That is the result of A school leadership.