Oh deer! Unexpected visitor

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By Carolyn Risner

It was an evening like every other evening last week, as Linda Scoggins set out to enjoy her time away from work.

But about 6:30, she spied a visitor jumping across her fence on property she and husband, Ron, own off Hwy. 321 in Chiefland.

A baby deer sauntered into the yard and started making herself at home-by eating her flowers.

For more that 20 minutes she watched the deer feed and frolic through binoculars, then she came right up to her and yearned for affection.

The unusually docile animal hung around long enough for the couple to call the Fish and Wildlife Commission to ask what to do.

After ascertaining it wasn't tagged, experts cautioned the couple against feeding it.

For the next two hours, they and family members romped with the deer, allowed it to lick their hands and posed for pictures.

And like other fickle females, once she was bored, the six-month-old yearling scurried away.