New pick up and drop off system at CES

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There are two ways for parents to enter the school this year:

   1. If you want to drop off or pick up a child at the front of the school then you will need to come in through the main entrance on 4th Avenue and follow the white arrows all the way around the parking lot to the front of the building. This will be just a large loop to help pull in cars off the road.

   2. If you want to park and walk a child to class or to pick them up after school, then you will use the back entrance by the pine trees to park and walk on the sidewalks. 

   There is a fence across this parking area, so drivers can only go out the way they have entered off 4th Avenue by County Road 341. 

    Parents are asked to study the accompanying map to familiarize themselves with the changes that have been made and decide in advance which entrance will be used.