Monday afternoon update on Hurricane Michael

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Levy County residents and visitors along the coast are urged to finish their preparations for Hurricane Michael. Hurricane Michael is expected to make landfall as a possible Category 3 Hurricane in the panhandle of Florida. Even though the storm is not expected to hit us directly, dangerous storm surge flooding along the Coast of Levy County is expected. Residents and visitors must make preparations now in order to make sure they are safe.

Public Information: Public Information lines are open at 352-486-5155 for people to call if they have any questions or concerns. Residents and visitors are strongly urged to pay attention to their local media sources and follow us on our social media at www.facebook.com/lcdem and visit our website at www.levydisaster.com

Storm Surge: Dangerous storm surge as high as 14 feet MSL is possible in Cedar Key and along the Levy County coastline. Residents and visitors along the coast must take all necessary protective actions now to ensure their safety. An evacuation order will be in effect beginning Tuesday for all of coastal Levy County including and not limited to Cedar Key, Yankeetown, Fowlers Bluff, and Fanning Springs.

Watches and Warnings: Levy County is currently under a Tropical Storm Watch and a Storm Surge Watch.

Severe Weather: The possibility of severe weather is always present during these storms. The most severe weather will be concentrated along the coastal areas, but strong thunderstorms and heavy rain is possible as the weather bands come through our area.

Evacuations and Sheltering: Beginning Tuesday, an evacuation order is issued for all coastal areas of Levy County. For those seeking shelter, a shelter of last resort will be open on Tuesday at 2pm at the Bronson Elementary School located at 400 Ishie Ave, Bronson, FL 32621. Residents that need evacuation to a shelter and do not have transportation may call 352-486-3485 for transportation assistance.

Protective Measures: It is absolutely vital that residents and visitors prepare for major storm surge flooding along the coast. The bridges in Cedar Key will become impassable with the storm surge and those areas will be cut off from assistance.

School and Government Closures: Schools will be open regular hours on Tuesday. Schools will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday. Local government will be closed on Wednesday, with the exception of public safety departments and the Levy County Landfill.

Boat Ramps: Coastal boat ramps in Levy County will be closed on Wednesday