Minutes of the Town of Bronson for Feb. 6, 2012

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February 6, 2012
Dogan S. Cobb Municipal Building 660 E. Hathaway Ave, Bronson FL
Mayor: Call Meeting to Order
Pledge of Allegiance:
Roll Call: Present: Franklin Schuler, Beatrice Mongo, Aaron Edmondson, Berlon Weeks, Jason Kennedy, Pnblic Works Director Jimmy Dunford, Chief Jeff DiMaggio, Buildiug Official Bob Niffenegger, Deputy Clerk Susie Robinson aud Clerk Kelli Brettel,
Mayor Beatrice Mongo called the meeting to order on time and welcomed and thanked everyone for coming. Not to delay she proceeded to the first order of business.

Mayor Mongo began with the response Attorney Warm had prepared for the Council in regards to the two conflicting motions referencing Lake Johnson Estates Annexation, With the memo being satisfactory she asked for a motion to approve the minutes from January 3, 2012. Vice Mayor Schuler made a Illation to approve the minutes from January 3, 2012 with a second coming from Councilman Berlon Weeks. Mayor called for a vote and minutes were approved unanimously.
Mayor Mongo then asked for a motion to approve the minutes from January 17,2012. Councilman Berlon Weeks made a motion to accept the minutes from January 17th as written. Motion was seconded by Vice Mayor Schuler and passed unanimously.

Mayor Mongo directed the Councils attention to the letter from Nature Coast Business Development Council, Inc which states they will be vacating the offices at the Dogan S. Cobb Municipal Building on February 29, 2012.
Mayor Mongo then opened the Quasi -Judicial Hearing regarding Petition for a Land Use Change and Rezoning and Conceptual Use Petition #2012-01 BOCC, Levy County. Councilman Weeks felt that the memo was clear as written by Building Official Bob Niffenegger regarding the Letter of Intent needing to be changed otherwise he had no issue with moving forward. Clerk Brettel said that Ms. Shenley Neely County Planner was present along with Commissioner Danny Stevens to answer any qnestions. Commissioner Stevens apologized for any misinterpretation, but after some discussion Councilman Weeks made a motion to accept the zoning change for the 20.6 acres ofland for the County with the stipulation that the Letter of Intent would be change to recognize that the County would seek additional approval from the Council if their use would change to something other than office buildings. Attorney Warm wanted some clarification from Mr. Niffenegger. MI'. Niffenegger stated that currently the zoning is R-I (Residential I) the County is requesting a change to "Public" for office space. Mr. Niffenegger concems are once changed to "Public use" then the County could establish something other than office buildings on the property without the Council's prior approval and that is why he is recommending the Letter of Intent be changed, but nevertheless a zoning ordinance would still have to be written. With Attorney Warm satisfied Councilman Weeks said his motion still stands as stated with a second from Vice Mayor Schuler. Motion was approved unanimously.
Clerk Brettel askied for approval to start the process to condemn two houses due to health and safety issues within the Town Limits.
• 609 Marshburn Parcel# 09461-008-00. Recent activity and charges brought by LCSO for animal cruelty. House is owned by Jeffrey Nordstrom. Councihnan Kennedy asked ifthe animal cruelty was an issue within the house or on the property. Clerk Brettel said it was within the house, the home had 3 inches of fecal matter throughout the inside of the house.
1287 Pine or Boundary St - Parcel# 14338-001-00. Clerk Brettel said this trailer is uninhabitable and a public safety hazard. She said that a CATF Committee member brougbt this one to her attention. Councilman Weeks asked Mr. Bob if these homes could be rectified. Mr. Bob said "No", With no further discussion Councilman Kennedy made a motion to start the process of condemning these two properties. Vice Mayor Franklin Schnier seconded and motion passed uuanimously.

Mr. David Fox with Fred Fox Enterprises, Inc. grand administrator for the CDBG housing program wanted to update the Council on the status of the program. He first wanted to present the Property Survey Quotes on 242 North Pine Street Ms. Brinson's residence. Mr. David Fox recommends accepting the low bidder Pardue Surveying for $750.00. Mayor Mongo asked for a motion. Councilman Weeks moved to accept with a second from Vice Mayor Schuler. Motion passed unanimously. Mr. Fox wanted to state for the record that Mayor Mongo did not have a vote and abstained from any vote with that motion.
David then presented quotes on the HVAC repairs for Ms. Shirley Patterson Taylor's residence and stated that we received 4 quotes on repairs and replacements per the Councils request. David went on to say that the unit was found to still be under warranty. David is recommending the quote for repair from Karlton Heating & Air for $1,256.00 based on the unit still being under warranty until May 2012. Mayor Mongo questioned about the warranty. Vice Mayor Schuler suggested that we replace Ms. Shirley's unit because he doesn't want to spend money on a unit with the warranty going out in May. There was discussion amongst the Council and David as to the options as presented.
I) Repair the unit for $1,256.00 with the existing warranty expiring in May 2012 and a warranty on the repair.
2) Replace the unit for $4,134.00, with David getting approval from the State.
Councilman Weeks reminded the Council of the trade in value on the old unit and asked how to justify a replacement when you have another 5 homes that have to be done under the program. Councilman Weeks made a motion to accept the bid for repair from Karlton Heating & Air. Councilman Kennedy seconded the motion. Mayor Mongo called for a vote and the motion was opposed by both Vice Mayor Schuler and Councihnan Edmondson who wanted more discussion. Councilman Edmondson made a statement and wanted to see if Mr. Fox could get approval from the State for a new unit and if not then repair the unit. The vote was a 2-2 vote. Since it was a tie Mayor Mongo voted to oppose the initial motion regarding the repair.
Mayor Mongo then restated Councihnan Edmondson's motion to seek approval from the State for a new unit first. Mr. David Fox then asked for direction that if the State does allow a new unit to be installed he is asking for approval to proceed. Councilman Edmondson made a motion to allow Mr. David Fox to proceed with the installation of a new NC unit if the State gives approval. Vice Mayor Schuler seconded Councilman Edmondson's motion. Mayor Mongo called for a vote both Councilman Weeks and Kennedy opposed leaving another 2-2 tie vote. Mayor Mongo broke the tie giving Mr. Fox the approval to replace the unit after getting approval from the State.
Mr. Fox then gave the Council an update on the status of the homes that are in progress Martin, Brown, Patterson, and Brinson. He told the Council he has received two additional applications to see if they qualify as a 30% candidate. Mayor Mongo asked David how Mr. Griffis is doing. David said he is making progress but David is monitoring him daily.
Clerk Brettel presented a response letter from FEMA regarding the appeals made by the Town against the DFIRM Flood Insurance Stndy. Clerk Brettel wanted get direction from the Council and ask Councilman Weeks ifhe is satisfied with the response we have gotten on all appeals submitted. He said he was fine, but wonld come by the office and look at the color photos.
Clerk Brettel then npdated the Council on Florida Cable. She stated she has received full payment in response to her demand letter plus a payment of $79.50 for the month of January 2012. Councilman Weeks asked if we still have to keep them as our cable provider. Attorney Warm thinks that Florida Cable should explain what services they think they are receiving for this $79.50. Attorney Warm recommended that he draft a letter and see what Florida Cable claims.
Watershed Evaluation and Management Plan Contract between Client (Town) and Engineer (Jones Edmnnds) being submitted for review and approval. Councilman Weeks explained this contract to the Council. Councilman Weeks made a motion to accept the contract with Jones Edmunds. Motion seconded by Councilman Kennedy. Motion passed unanimously.

Ms. Donna Porter asking for a medical hardship and be allowed to put 2 dwellings on her property. Ms. Donna addressed the Council and was asking for a hardship. Mr. Bob said he wouldn't have a problem, but they would need to apply for a special exception. Mr. Bob said they would also need approval from the health department for the additional septic system and he has no jurisdiction over that. She was asked to make application so it can come back before the Council.
Mr. Elijah Williams, Jr. wanted to address the Council regarding a column he had read in the paper. Mr. Elijah wanted to find out why the Mayor is appointed each year and is it necessary. Mayor Mongo explained to Mr. Elijah Williams that the Mayor is appointed every year and it can change each year. She also went on to say the "Town Charter" is the legal document that the Council has to follow. The Council then went on to explain the terms of the Council and election years. Mr. Elijah Williams Jr. then wanted to know if the procedure was the same for addressing the Council and getting on the agenda. Mr. Elijah Williams, Jr. asked about the Community Center and if the Council has money allocated for that facility. Both Councilman Weeks and Vice Mayor Schuler said that it is being addressed.
Mayor Mongo then called upon Ms. Pat Thompson who wanted to address the Council regarding the annexation of Lake Jolmson Estates. She explained to the Council that she moved to this area to cnt her expenses because she was on a fixed income and does not want to be annexed into the Town limits, She also wanted to read a letter written by her neighbor Ms.Deborah Lynn who does not wish to be annexed into the Town of Bronson either, after she was done Councilman Weeks wanted to respond to the letter and Ms. Thompson. Councilman Weeks spoke about services the Town could offer to the citizens of Lake Johnson. He also explained why this became a topic for the Town in the first place which was due to the FEMA flood study and how the mosquito control ditch is being blocked by Mr. George Stephens. After some lively discussions amongst several citizens and the Council, Ms. Thompson asked if she could see what the cost to her would be if annexation took place. Conncilman Edmondson wanted to add that even if the annexation happened you still have the problems with Mr. Stephens regarding the ditch. After more discussion Conncilman Weeks said he is more than happy to continue this discussion another time one on one or in small groups. Mr. Hall then spoke of his dealings through the years with Mr. Stephens after that Mayor Mongo thanked everyone for their input and came to the conclusion that what the Council has heard from the participants is they have NO desire to be annexed into the Town Limits of Bronson. Councilman Weeks wanted to state that this is just a small number of citizens and he felt the letters should go out again to get an accurate count.
Mayor Mongo concurred. Councilman Kennedy offered to go talk with Mr. Stevens.

Nothing to report
Staff submitted a draft ofa Truck Route Ordinance they got from City of Newberry. Jimmy Dnnford stated that after speaking with DOT this is what we need in place in order for them to help us with putting additional signage out on SR24. This Ordinance similar in nature would restrict truck traffic on Court Street and Oak Street. Conncilman Berlon Weeks moved to allow Attorney Warm to work up a Truck Route Ordinance for the Town. Councilman Aaron Edmondson seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.
Jimmy then gave an update on the small sewer project. He said that the manhole hear at the DSC Building and Town Hall is pretty deep and the Town's backhoe will not reach it, so he has asked Councilman Weeks to come by tomorrow and take a look. He is asking permission to allow Jimmy Jerrels to hook the Town buildings up while he is on site. Jimmy said he will come back with a cost.

Nothing to report

Attorney Warm asked the Clerk if she had received the Resolution regarding the formation of the Industrial Committee. She had not received a copy, but Councilman Kennedy said he had it and has not had time to get back with Attorney Warm. Councilman Kennedy said he wanted to start meeting the second Monday of the Month and would get the resolution to the Clerk. Mayor Mongo asked Attorney Warm to send it to all the Council and it will be put on the next agenda.

Chief DiMaggio updated the Couucil on the USDA application for the new Fire Facility. It was discussed that a meeting needs to be set up to discuss the reverter clause with the owner who donated the land Sleepy Creek.

Kelli asked for approval to attend a Revenue workshop on March 2, 2012 the cost is $30.00 which is refundable after her attendance. She said it is part of the Florida Leagne of Cities University seminars. Vice Mayor Schuler made a motion to allow for her to attend. Motion was seconded by Councilman Weeks and passed unanimously.
Clerk Kelli Bretlel then asked for approval to register for the Spring Session for the Certificate in Florida City and County Management Classes offered through the Rubin Askew Public Administration School at Florida State University at a cost of approximately $2,000.00 for the 4 classes. Councilman Kennedy made a motion to allow for her to attend those classes.
Motion seconded by Councilman Weeks. Motion passed.
She then just updated the Council on the completion ofthe audit. She said that Mr. Kite was here for the past week and thauked the Council for being patient with her office while that was in progress.

Councilman Aaron Edmondson asked if we had been able to get any information on paving Oak Street. Jimmy had called Jason with Mittauer Engineering and will follow up as to the status. Councilman Edmondsou also stated he wanted to look at Pine Lane.
Councilman Berlon Weeks talked about a recent water liue break. He wanted to let the Council know that Jimmy, Russell and Glenn did a wonderful job in containing and fixing that leak.
Vice Mayor Franklin Schuler told the Council that the next meeting for the Levy County Drug and Alcohol Coalition will be here at the Dogan Cobb Municipal Building on February 15,2012 at 9:30am. He said they are doing great work to help childreu and young adults fight and beat their addiction.
Councilman Jason Kennedy made it official that he will be resigning from Burger Kiug as of March 1,2012. He will have more free time to spend on issues concerning the Town.
Mayor Beatrice Mongo updated the Council regarding the meeting she attended in Lake City regarding the water issues with the Suwannee River and Waccasassa River Basins. She said it was the beginnings of a water authority group. She thought it was a good meeting that Councilman Weeks might want to attend next time.

Mayor Mongo asked for a motion to pay the bills. Vice Mayor Schuler made a motion to pay the bills with a second from Councilman Kennedy. Motion approved.

With uothiug further to discuss the Mayor adjourned the meeting at 8:53pm.

Minutes Approved