Minutes of the Town of Bronson for Feb. 20, 2012

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February 20, 2012
Dogan S. Cobb Municipal Building 660 E. Hathaway Ave, Bronson FL
Mayor: Call Meeting to Order
Pledge of Allegiance:
Roll Call: Present: Franklin Schuler, Beatrice Roberts, Aaron Edmondson, Berlon Weeks, Jason Kennedy, Public Works Director Jimmy Dunford, Chief Jeff DiMaggio, Building Official Bob Niffenegger, Deputy Clerk Susie Robinson, and Clerk Kelli Brettel

: Mayor Roberts called the meeting to order and after the prayer and the pledge she welcomed everyone for coming and proceeded to the first item on the agenda. Mayor Roberts asked for a motion to approve the minutes from February 6, 2012. Vice Mayor Franklin Schuler made a motion to approve the minutes as read with a second from Councihnan Aaron Edmondson. Mayor Roberts called for a vote and motion passed unanimously.

Mayor Beatrice Roberts then read a letter to Council from Ms. Debra Logeson Postmaster Bronson, FL, requesting donation of an outside bench. Mayor Roberts asked for any discussion. Councihnan Edmondson recommended that slaff look into getting some prices and bring it back to Council.
Mayor Roberts asked Clerk Brettel to read Resolution #12-XX regarding the creation of Industrial Committee. Councilman Jason Kennedy explained what his thought process was when he started forming the foundation of this committee with Attorney Warm. Vice Mayor Schuler wanted to know if the Mayor would be the one picking the committee members as slated. Councilman Weeks responded by saying all other committees have been selected by staff and then brought before Council for approval. Councilman Kennedy thought the Committee Chair should be the one to select with Council approval. Councilman Weeks recommended that the Council pick the Committee Chair, the Committee Chair then select the Committee Members with Council approval. Vice Mayor Schuler just wanted to make sure the selections are fair. Councihnan Kennedy then wanted the Title of the Resolution to be changed to read the "Industrial Development Committee." He also wanted to discuss whether the committee members solely had to be residents within the Town of Bronson. Councilman Weeks felt that most vested individuals lived outside the town limits and should be considered. Mayor Roberts said it doesn't really matter because the Council still has final say but reminded the Council of the precedent being set for the futures. Councilman Jason Kennedy then wanted to summarize the changes
I) The insertion of "Development" into the title of the Resolution and body.
2) Committee members can be of the Bronson Community not solely within the Town limits
3) Committee Chair selects committee members and brings them to Conncil for approval.
With that said Attorney Warm was asked to read the Resolution with appropriate changes into the record which he did. Mayor Roberts then asked for a motion to adopt proposed Resolution #12-XX with corrections and changes Attorney Warm stated. Motion made to adopt in favor by Vice Mayor Schuler motion seconded by Councilman Edmondson. Motion approved unanimously.
Councilman Kennedy restated the time of the first meeting which will be 6:30 au Monday, March 12,2012.

Application from Mr. Tim Miller for Business Tax Receipt License for proposed new Internet Business and recommendation from Bronson Building Official. Clerk Brettel read the letter from Mr. Tim Miller and then the response letter from Mr. Bob Niffenegger Bronson Building Official as requested. Councilman Weeks stated that he has been following this in the Legislature and they have not been able to make these types of business illegal. Attorney Warm stated that the Council has passed it on first reading. Attorney Warm states that it is impossible to tell what Mr. Miller's proposed intentions are via Ius letter in regards to sweepstakes. Attorney Warm suggested him responding to Mr. Miller's letter. Mayor Roberts asked if they approved this and later on they find out he his operating via gambling does the Council have the right to enforce their authority. Attorney Warm said yes the ordinance has all kinds of enforcements. Councilman Weeks made a motion to allow
Attorney Warm to draw up a letter that voices the Conncil concerns. Councilman Edmondson seconded Councilman Week's motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Proposed Ordinance 20l2-XX regarding the Municipal Sewer System Counection Process. Mayor Roberts pointed out that a revision was sent out at about 3:30pm. Councilman Weeks wanted to discuss Item 113.He didn't feel that yon could cut someone's privately owned well off. Councilman Edmondson said that you shouldn't be using a private well when city water is available, after some discussion, it became apparent that section 113pertains to an industrial application and not a residential application. Attorney Warm again read for the record the changes as requested by Council to proposed ordinance 2012-XX. Councilman Weeks made a motion to accept the changes as read by Attorney Warmand adopt for First Reading Ordinance 2012-XX. Motion was seconded by Councilman Kennedy and passed unanimously.

Informational item only the receipt of newly drafted letter oflntent from the BOCC as requested by Council to move forward in rezoning application.
Clerk Brettel presented Proposed Engineering Service Agreement for the related drainage and site improvements to town offices along Oak Street. Clerk Brettel said this was reqnested by Councilman Edmondson. She wanted to point out that this wasjust for engineering costs. Clerk Brettel thought that Florida Rural Water might help with us on a small project like this. Councilman Edmondson made a motion to table this issue, until we can look into getting a cheaper price. Councilman Weeks seconded the motion. Motion passed.

: Ms. Shirley Patterson Taylor wanted to address the Council and offer thanks and gratitude for her improvementson her home through the CDBGprogram. She gave two cards to Mayor Roberts which she read out loud.
Mr. Hall and several residents were back regarding Annexation of Lake Jolmson Estates. Mr. Hall submitted for the record a list of22 signatures of people who do not want to be annexed into the Town Limits. Councilman Weeks stated again that the annexation was being looked at because of the problem with the ditch. He also stated how he was in the process of meeting with Mr. George Stephens, Mr. Heath Davis with Suwannee River Water Management District and also the Board of County Commission. Councilman Weeks appreciated the participation the residence of Lake Johnson has shown and encouraged them to support him in his efforts when he goes to the County with this ditch and drainage issue. He also asked the people who were there that if the County agrees to clean the ditch will they in turn give permission for the ditch to be cleaned. And all responded favorably.
Ms. Tina proposed the establishment of a true Fanners Market for Bronson to Council. She first had asked for permission to use the County Courthouse parking lot and was told no. So her second choice was the Gazebo area in front of the Health Department. Councilman Edmondson asked if they were going to leave there stuff which she said no. Mayor Roberts asked about insurance. Councilman Edmondson made a motion to allow for Ms. Tina to move forward in drawing up a proposal for a Farmers Market and submit it to Mr. Bob Niffenegger Bronson Bnilding Official for recommendations. Vice Mayor Schuler seconded the motion. Motion approved.

Looking into getting prices to build another ball field at the park.

Jimmy gave an update on the small sewer project he stated all that is left is paving. Jimmy suggested that all the Council drive by and see what a goodjob Mr. Jimmy Jerrcls and his staff did. Public Works Director Dunford said they really went over and above. He went on to say that Andrew with Mills Engineering tested the system and the final paper work has heen submitted to DEP. Jimmy said as soon as we get DEP final approval we can start letting people hook up to the system.
Jimmy then brought up the approval and purchase for the bucket truck for $13.500.00. He said that Clerk Brettel wanted the phone approval to go into the official record. Councilman Kennedy made a motion to allow Public Works Director Jimmy Dunford to purchase a bucket truck for the Town of Bronson. Vice Mayor Schuler seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.
Councilman Edmondson wanted some discussion regarding connection to the newly available sewer lines. He said that he didn't think that the Council has discussed a hook up fee for the sewer. Councilman Weeks asked ifall the other new business like Subway were charged a hook up fee in the past. Councilman Edmondson said that was done through the grant at the time, "This is our money now." Councihnan Weeks feels that you can't provide the service and then come back with a hook up fee. Clerk Brettel said tbat there is a deposit required but that is refundable. Mayor Roberts said that those fees are in the Ordinance.

Nothing to report

Nothing to report

Chief DiMaggio is asking again for approval to purchase his bunker gear. He said he reqnested quotes from four other companies and did not get a response. He went into Darley's catalogue and priced them out just to get a third quote. He did go back to Buddy Gray and they said that by the end of the month they will have to up their quote because their material costs were going up. Chief DiMaggio said that these would match exactly what we have purchased in the past. Councilman Kennedy made a motion to allow Chief DiMaggio to purchase (3) sets of bunker gear from Buddy
Gray at a price of$2,140.79. Motion was seconded by Councilman Weeks. Motion passed unanimously.

Clerk Brettel asked if the Council would like to sponsor the Wild Hog Canoe Race again this year that is put on by the AmVets Post 88. Councilman Edmondson made a motion that we sponsor the Wild Hog Canoe Race for $200.00. Vice Mayor Schuler seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.
Clerk Brettel then brought up tbe Jones Edmunds Contract that was approved last meeting. She wanted to bring to the Council's attention that she felt her and Councilman Weeks misstated some information. She wanted to clarify that the project was said to be part of the Southwest Water Management Districts Cooperative Funding and it was not. This contract is for the Suwannee River Management side and the Town would be responsible for the whole $88,800.00. She offered her apology. Councihnan Weeks did say that the Council was aware that the SRWMD side was always the Town's expense. Mayor Roberts wanted to know if there is anywhere we can get some money to help with this project. Councilman Weeks said that anything was possible politically, but he would like direction from Council. Mayor Roberts asked Councilman Weeks how critical this side is. He explained it is very critical when we go to do sidewalks and curb and gutter through town. Councihnan Edmondson made a motion to give Councilman Weeks a month to see what he can do. Vice Mayor Schuler seconded the motion. Motion passed unanhnously.

Councilman Aaron Edmondson had nothing to report.
Councilman Berlon Weeks brought up that Mr. David Benton approached him about the possibility of renting the land that is not being utilized by the spray field for $50 per acre per year. Councilman Weeks knows that Mr. Charlie Kennedy is leasing that land for $1 a year for hay, but really didn't think he was in the hay business anymore. Council asked for Mr. David Benton to draw up a proposal.
Councilman Weeks then asked about the status of the sign for James Cobb at the park. Clerk Brettel said that Susie bronght price quotes to Council a couple of meetings ago but uothing was discussed or moved on. Clerk Brettel did say she has a resolution drawn up for naming the park and will bring the sign quotes back next meeting. Councilman Weeks then wanted to get price quotes on video equipmeut to live stream our meetings to our website for those people who can't make the meeting. Clerk Brettel said she would start working on that.
Vice Mayor Franklin Schuler brought up the prospect of applying for an ED Grant and get a proposal together for a nursing home, assisted living, rehab, and health and fituess all under one roof. He is asking for permission to work ou a proposal package together with staff to present to various developers. Councilman Kennedy made a motion to allow Vice Mayor Schuler and Clerk Brettel to assist the parties involved to come up with whatever is needed to present to the Town to help in obtaining the grant. Councilman Weeks seconded that motiou. Motion approved.
Councilman Jason Kennedy just wanted to recap the meeting time for the new Industrial Development Committee.
Mayor Beatrice Roberts had nothing to report.
With nothing more to discuss Mayor Roberts adjourned the meeting at 8:35pm
Minutes Approved: