Members of the Bridle Brigade to test their metal

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By Deborah Goad

Members of the Bridle Brigade 4-H Club spent Thursday afternoon, July 27, building two robotic fish. The club divided up into two teams with each member taking turns drilling holes and cutting the needed PVC sections for the two robotic sea perches. In the fall, the club will travel to Orlando to compete in a statewide competition. The competition is part of the 4-H State Marine Ecology Event.

The 2017 Sea Perch Remote Operated Vehicle Mini-challenge will be Nov. 4. The Marine Ecology Event offers opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge of the marine and aquatic worlds. To prepare for the event, 4-H leaders and club members go on marine field trips, visit museums and aquariums, have group study sessions, conduct Internet research and develop their own “mock contests.” In the process, youth learn important life skills. 

Club members will work on the robotic fishes over the next several weeks. The final step is adding the motors. Once completed, an underwater obstacle course will be set up where the club members can hone their robotic fishes’ maneuvering skills for the competition in Orlando. 

The new calendar year for the 4-H programs begin Sept. 1. For more information or to join a club in Levy County, please call the Levy County Extension Office at 352-486-5131.