Love is all we need

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Too many tragedies, too recently. So many innocent victims. There is panic, but there is also courage, and heroism, and kindness that come out in tragic times and events.

Maybe more than ever, this is the time to come together because of our humanity, empathy, concern for our fellow man, and to reach out in love, prayer, and good will for all. It’s what we’re made of.

Let’s choose to believe that good always, and eventually, wins out over all the negativity in the world.

Today, and every day, be kind to others. Reach out with a kind word and a smile.

Resolve whatever may keep us separated from each other, and let’s be the wonderful people we are created to be.

Help someone less fortunate than you.

Be there for those who can use support and encouragement.

Are you interested in a ground roots movement for bringing in a little more light and a little more love to your community, and to your world?

Call or email me with your ideas, suggestions, or support for a meeting of minds.

Gandhi said, “You can change the world, by changing yourself.” And he said, “Be better than what angers you.”

Our hearts go out to all those affected by this most horrible recent tragedy in Las Vegas. Each one of us can make a difference. Seems like now is a good time for it.

Bob Denny retired from counseling troubled youth, and from teaching psychology at Florida Gateway College. Your comments are welcome at Bob.Denny8@gmail.com, or phone 386 454 4950.