Log Cabin Quilters

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We love saving quilts

The Log Cabin Quilters met Thursday, Nov 16, at the Levy County Quilt Museum. We’ve reached the halfway part of the quilt in the frame except we’ve decided it needs a little more quilting. The circles and half circles will be getting quilted as well as the outside strips. As we roll the quilt back to the starting point, we’ll add the extra quilting.


Ann brought in her latest quilt top; a star variation. Thanks for sharing it with us. It’s very pretty.

Derick and the guys from Lancaster were out. The shelves in the storage room are finished so now it’s time for us to fill the shelves. We’re finding several more boxes of fabric to measure and put out so be sure to drop by one day. Thanks Lancaster.

Monday, I found on the porch a Cathedral Window quilt that was about halfway finished. We’ve had boxes of books, bags of fabric and other sewing notions so I never expected to find a Cathedral Window. Just imagine the time involved in cutting out hundreds of 4-inch squares and an equal number of 1-inch squares. All these pieces are hand sewn. We’re so happy the quilt came to us rather than landing in the trash. Someone spent a lot of time working on this quilt and we appreciate being able to save this quilt so others can see it. Thanks so much.

Don’t forget the Backyard Pickers will be here Saturday, Dec 2, from 1-3 p.m.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.