Levy County Schools Foundation Beast Feast

10/21/2017 - 6:00pm

The annual Levy County Schools Foundation Beast Feast is 6 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 21, at the Etheridge Produce Farm in Williston.

The annual fundraiser event features a variety of great food from clam chowder to “yard bird on a stick” prepared and served by cooks from local businesses and civic groups in a casual, picnic setting.

The 2016 menu included gator, gumbo, fried frog legs and fried mullet fillets, wild hog chili, spicy creamed corn, “possum” (pork) ribs, clams from Cedar Key, cornbread and other wild delights.

The evening includes door prizes and drawings.

Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for students age 8-17. Tickets are on sale.

Proceeds support Levy County School programs promoting student learning, effective teaching and scholarships for Levy County seniors.

For more information please e-mail Donna Turner at lcsf@levyk12.org.

Foundation Executive Director Donna Turner said after the 2016 Feast they were hoping for their normal number of 200 people. She had serving ware for 325 people and ran out of plates. That won’t happen again.

She said the Foundation netted $15,300 from the event that features donated food, an auction and door prizes. The event earned $13,900 in 2015. She said events like the Beast Feast help the Foundation keep the lights on.

The Levy County Schools Foundation was established as a non-profit Incorporation in 1989 and is recognized by the State of Florida as the Education Foundation for the Levy County School District.

The foundation is committed to supporting public education in Levy County by developing resources to encourage educational innovation, promote and recognize excellence and address the needs of all students, faculty, and staff.  It serves collaboratively with business and community members as an independent charitable organization.