Levy County residents on notice as Dorian heads toward Florida

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Suzette Cook, Reporter

By 1 p.m. the Citgo gas station on South Main was out of fuel but expecting a delivery by early evening.

A few blocks north, the Pure station was backed up five deep as the drivers of a dozen cars and trucks waited their turn.

At 2 p.m. the National Hurricane Center sent out the following message: “Extremely dangerous hurricane Dorian poses a significant threat to Florida and the Northwestern Bahamas, Hurricane Hunter plane finds Dorian is now a major hurricane.”

Projected landfall is still set at West Palm but that can change forecasters warn. With a State of Emergency declared for the all of Florida, Levy County Emergencies Services continues to update information about sandbags and price gouging hotlines.

All Levy County Schools will be closed on Tuesday. Also closed will be the Levy County Courthouse and all Levy County Government Offices with the exception of essential personnel and public safety personnel. The Board of County Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 3, has been cancelled.

Current locations for sandbag pickup are:

  • Gulf Hammock Fire Station (Old fire station at 326 and 19)
  • City of Williston SW 1st Street and SW 1st Avenue
  • Cedar Key- corner of 7th and F Streets
  • Rosewood Baptist Church
  • Yankeetown Water Plant
  • Inglis Municipal Building
  • Bronson Town Hall
  • Chiefland Fire Station
  • Fowler’s Bluff Fire Station
  • Fanning Springs Fire Station

Friday night football games are still on schedule to be played.

The Levy County Emergency Management public information lines are currently open for normal business hours. As the storm gets closer, they will transition to longer hours if needed. The public information line phone numbers are 352-486-5155 or 352-486-5576. You can also visit this website for more information: www.LevyDisaster.com