Kennedy pulls out of Bronson race

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Problems too big to stomach

By Mark Scohier, Staff writer

The pool of candidates for Bronson Town Council has dropped by one with Monday’s announcement by Council Member Jason Kennedy that he has dropped out of the race.
Kennedy, who for the last four years served on Seat 5, said in an interview Monday evening after a candidates’ forum he attended but did not participate in, that he was tired of dealing with the conflicts among council members.
“I can’t bring that home to my family,” Kennedy said, adding that serving on the council was taking away from his responsibilities to God, family and to his business.
Kennedy said that although turmoil had been building for a long time, a decision by Mayor Franklin Schuler at the last council meeting to have Kennedy removed as fire commissioner was the last straw.
Vice Mayor Berlon Weeks asked Schuler at that meeting why he was removing Kennedy from the position, considering that Kennedy still held Seat 5 and that he was unable to attend the night’s meeting. Schuler did not elaborate.
“Our mayor doesn’t know how to run a meeting. He didn’t have the courage to call me or have the clerk call me,” Kennedy said, explaining that the meeting was just one of only a handful he hasn’t been able to attend in the last few years. “If council’s being run that way, I don’t want any part of it,” and, he added, “There are too many decisions being made outside of council chambers.”
Kennedy, though already serving on Seat 5, opted in the qualifying period a few weeks ago to go after Seat 3, leaving his seat to be automatically filled by unchallenged newcomer Bruce Greenlee after the election Sept. 10. Before dropping out Monday, Kennedy was running against Seat 3 Incumbent Beatrice Roberts and challengers Jamie Griffin and Sandy Mosely.
The Seat 1 race has been unaffected, leaving Incumbent Aaron Edmondson to duke it out with challenger Paul T. Phillips.
Kennedy said he will continue to play an active part in the community and hasn’t ruled out future political aspirations.
“I just need a break from it.”