Kennedy announces for District 1 county commission

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My name is Jason Kennedy, Republican, and I am your experienced candidate for Levy County Commissioner, District 1. It has been some time since someone raised and living in District 1 had the honor of serving his or her constituency.
I live in Bronson, where I grew up, and believe there must be time for God and family in my daily schedule. My lovely wife, Becky, and I have enjoyed our married life and have worked together successfully as business owners since 2005. I am the proud father of beautiful daughter, Ella, and enjoy spending time with my mother, Brenda, and grandmother, Lavonda. My grandfather, Bill Kennedy, who operated a local and successful roofing contracting business for decades, taught me the value of hard work, honesty and perseverance. I am an owner and operator of Complete Sleep & Furnishings with locations in Gainesville, Lake City, Chiefland, and Williston. I also spent several years as general manager of the Burger King restaurant in Chiefland. As anyone in business knows, a budget is finite and must be well managed. I bring more than 20 years of hands-on business experience to the people of Levy County. I also have tangible experience serving on the Bronson Town Council for the past three years.
I understand parliamentary procedures, how to address and balance governmental budgets, and the finesse that is sometimes needed to get the job done right. This experience will allow me to hit the ground running, instead of “cowtailing” or holding back to learn the ropes. We have a lot of work to do!
I have an intimate knowledge of Levy County and especially District 1, where I was raised. Because I am raising a family in Bronson, I like to keep my eyes on the future. I want to use my experience to help Levy County achieve its very best potential moving forward. I want my daughter to grow up enjoying a strong and thriving Levy County. I have purposely made provisions in my business and personal life so I can devote at least half of a business day to Levy County business. I strongly feel that making myself available will be advantageous for the citizens of Levy County. I am of the opinion that a lesser time commitment is not conducive to solid motives and good leadership.
It is important that our county’s leadership set the stage and lay groundwork for a brighter future that will attract clean industry, create a stable environment for business, and help Levy County citizens achieve and maintain their own American Dream. It is also important to help preserve and further develop existing industry in Levy County. Good communication between Levy County and all municipalities, special districts, and local agencies will be a key component in unlocking our potential. Preserving our county’s beauty and natural resources is important to us all. Through open communication and dedication to solving problems and creating solutions, a balance between growth, industry, and preservation can be achieved that will be just right for our county and its resources.
Because of my solid experience in business and government, and my dedication and honesty, I am the right choice for strong representation and accountability for Levy County. If you take anything from this platform, please focus on this:
My philosophy in all actions is to ask of the topic or situation two questions:
1)” Will this action bring efficiency to our budget and/or operations?” 2)” Will this action boost value and service to our citizens?”
I look forward to seeing you at the polls August 14th and November 6th. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you on any issue, to listen to your concerns, and to earn your vote.