June home sales look good

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DGL Board of Realtors

A large white house with black shutters made its way south on NE 80th Avenue Tuesday, Aug. 1, near the Levy County Sheriff’s Office, causing people to make double takes.

The home was built in 1958 by Linus Sache of Chiefland. Sache was Donna Shipp’s uncle, brother to Shipp’s mother Muzeta Sache Wilkerson. Upon Linus Sache’s death, Wilkerson purchased the home and moved it across a pasture to her 10 acres. When she died, Donna and her husband, Danny, bought the house and moved it to Bronson in January 1990.

The remodeled house with added porches, the house sat on five acres for 27 years. After acquiring 30 acres in Levyville, and loving the white house, the Shipp’s decided to move their house instead of building another one.

The newest site for the traveling home is near the cemetery in Levyville. When asked if their grandchildren had any reservations about being so close to a cemetery, Danny shared a story about how the grandchildren went all through the cemetery a couple days earlier. He overheard one grandchild say to the other, after one asked, “What’s a cemetery?” The other one replied, “That’s where people go that didn’t make it to the hospital.”

The journey began at 9 a.m. with several sheriff’s vehicles as escorts. Once arriving at the four-way stop at NE 80th and Ishie avenues, the convoy made a right turn onto Ishie Avenue, then proceeded out to Alternate 27.

Turning right again, the sheriff vehicles and traveling house made its way to Levyville. Ronnie Hunt, a third-generation house mover from Cross City, pulled over several times into the left turning lanes to let traffic pass. It took about an hour and a half to make the 8-mile trek. 

The width of the house easily covered two lanes of the highway. In several spots speed limit and informational signs had to be pulled up to allow enough clearance for the house to pass.