Jalen Hurts showed us his true character

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Today, Jalen Hurts will not get the ESPN coverage. His image will not be plastered over Sports Center and other news programming. People will not be inundated with his heroic performance of throwing a perfect back-shoulder pass or some long beast mode type run to win the game.

No. Those accolades will go to someone else- and deservingly so. However, in an age of “me, me” and “I have to get mine,” Jalen Hurt’s response to being pulled at the half of the national championship game will go highly unnoticed.

Only a year removed from nearly pulling off one of the greatest plays in history for a true freshman quarterback until another great player and Heisman Trophy finalist quarterback upstaged him in defeat; he was devastated once again by being benched.

While he clearly wanted to be in the game on that final drive evidenced by him visibly shaking on the sideline as adrenaline flowed; he stood there, cheered for his teammate, and once hugged the guy who had taken his place.

After the game, he was all smiles and displayed genuine happiness for he and his teammates.

This is supposed to be the Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, selfie, “what about me age,” but Jalen, as a young man, showed us how to exhibit true character.

While taking the last shot, hitting the game winner, catching the winning touchdown, or even throwing it are all admirable, his actions are what we should loop on Sports Center and newscasts to illustrate to our kids and remind us that sportsmanship and teamwork remain important.

You will not always win, be the best, get the job, have the perfect relationship or make others like you. Invariably life will eventually throw you a curve ball and you will come up short or not be your best. Learning how to bounce back from the defeats and failures will serve you better in the long term than almost any feat you accomplish or victory you imagine.

Chiefland native Dr. Kendrick Scott is the son of the Rev. Robert and Rutha Scott, of Chiefland, and is a graduate of Chiefland High School.

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He was part of FSU’s first national championship football team and was voted as a permanent team captain in 1994 and selected by coach Bowden to give the Captain’s Address at FSU’s annual football banquet.

Dr. Kendrick Scott, For the Citizen

He represented the team, speaking as they travelled around the nation in many capacities, such as the Fellowship of Christian Athlete’s Sugar Bowl Breakfast.

In 2010, Dr. Scott published his first book titled, “It’s All Inside: How to Discover That Everything You Need is Within Your Reach.”

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He is also an adjunct professor at Husson University where he teaches Human Resource Management.

Dr. Scott was the 2014 Toastmaster’s club, area, and division winner in the impromptu speaking and the prepared speaking contests.

He also was the overall district champion in the impromptu speaking contest.

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