It's Sunshine Week, celebrate your right to know

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The week of March 10-17 is Sunshine Week and the Chiefland Citizen is running this logo to remind all patriotic Floridians, especially Levy County residents, that it is your right to know what your government is doing in your name. 

Too often, folks think this is about a newspaper's nosey staff trying to find out "other people's business."  But the press has no more rights than a citizen to learn what their government is doing on their behalf. We do take it on as a duty to exercise our rights as citizens to ask the questions that folks might not know to ask or fear asking of their public leaders. 

We at the Citizen prize our freedoms and the right to know what our state government is doing is enshrined in our state Constitution.

We pledge not to fail in that measure of civic duty. 


Lou Elliott Jones, Editor