Gun-blasted kitten up for adoption

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By Mark Scohier, Staff writer

Some have guardian angels. Others are angels with guardians.
Such is the case for a 2-month old yellow tabby that was brought into the Family Pet Vet about three weeks ago.
Angel, as staff at the Chiefland veterinary clinic has dubbed her, was barely clinging to life when she was found in an area parking lot and brought in by a concerned citizen unable to afford paying the $600 to $700 in treatment that would save Angel's life.
But that didn't prevent staff at the hospital from doing what it could to keep her alive.
The kitten was thin, dehydrated, infested with fleas and suffering from lung congestion, bloody stool and a half-gone cornea attached to her swollen left eye, according to veterinarian Dr. Ron Spink.
Angel's x-rays revealed she had been blasted with a shotgun, one pellet still lodged in her abdomen and another in the back of her skull.
"Somebody just saw her, like a squirrel in the back yard, and said 'I'm gonna' blow her away,'" Spink said last week.
Angel, at some point, managed to gnaw the pellet from her belly before it could be taken out. Spink surgically removed the pellet that was still in the feline's head, as well as correcting Angel's ulcerated eye.
Her eye is still a bit swollen, and she's still on oxygen therapy and decongestants, but Angel is in good spirits, purring, skittering through the offices of the hospital and doing the occasional tap dance on Spink's computer keyboard.
Angel isn't the first case where Spink has helped an animal at his own expense. The office currently has a cat named Velcro, so named because it never left.
Still, he'd like to adopt Angel out, provided a worthy applicant comes forward.
"For this kitten, we're going to screen the people very carefully," he said, adding that he wouldn't turn down any help in paying for Angel's treatment thus far.
For more information on adopting Angel or helping with her medical expenses, call the Family Pet Vet at 352-493-7923.