GOP seeks volunteers for Tampa convention

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The Committee on Arrangements for the 2012 Republican National Convention is  seeking volunteers to work when the RNC meets Aug. 27-30 in Tampa.
The COA is working closely with the 2012 Tampa Bay Host Committee to make sure that all volunteer needs are being met.  Leda Williams, the volunteer coordinator for the Committee on Arrangements, can be contacted at  813-999-4645 or via email at volunteers@gopconvention2012.com. The contact for the Committee on Arrangements is Deborah Cox-Roush, volunteer coordinator -  operations, at 813-999-4616 or via email at droush@gopconvention2012.com.
Volunteers are needed for:
• The official proceedings — by driving convention participants (speakers) from the airport, to their hotels, and over to the Tampa Bay Times Forum.  These volunteers must be at least 25 years old, have a clean driving record, and be comfortable driving a SUV.  Official Proceedings volunteers are key to ensuring that all convention participants are safely and promptly transported to their needed destination in order to create the best program possible.
• Operations — will assist convention staff in managing the physical operations of the convention.  These volunteers will be used as greeters, way-finders, and will assist attendees requesting ADA assistance.
• Security — will provide additional protection for convention delegates and attendees by helping process people through the security check-points, assist with emergency situations, and act as a support system for law enforcement personnel.  Prior law enforcements or military experience is preferred.
• Transportation —  to help guide convention delegates and attendees in the loading and unloading of buses, answering bus route inquiries, and assisting attendees requesting ADA assistance.  Transportation volunteers play the vital role of helping to ensure that the 400-bus system used during the entire week runs efficiently.
All volunteers will be required to participate in one Volunteer Orientation and one Division Briefing.  All volunteers will be issued a uniform by the 2012 Tampa Bay Host Committee.
All volunteers will be subject to a background check. 
Credentials will be assigned based on the volunteer capacity in which you are serving; specific credentials are not guaranteed to any volunteer.  While in uniform, volunteers should not publicize personal political missions, opinions or affiliations.  Due to the live nature of this event, information is subject to change.