First day of hurricane season — first tropical wave

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The 2011 hurricane season is off to a fast start with two areas of concern around the Atlantic-Caribbean-Gulf of Mexico region.
A small area of low pressure to the east of Daytona Beach, moving west-southwest at 20 mph is spreading thunderstorm activity over Florida.
It's not expected to have significant development — just wind and rains over North Central Florida. There is a low chance, 20 percent, that it will develop
into a tropical storm.
A second area is causing cloudiness and showers over the southestern and west-central Caribbean Sea.
Gradual development is possible, but there is a low chance, 10 percent, of it becoming a tropical storm.

For information on how to prepare for the hurricane season, check for the Citizen's Severe Weather issue under the Special Sections link on the home page or visit www.levydisaster.com