FHP checkpoint in Gilchrist on Friday

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The Florida Highway Patrol will be conducting a Comprehensive Roadside Sobriety Checkpoint (CRSC) on Friday, Dec. 28, starting at 7 p.m. on State Road 26 approximately 2 miles west of State Road 49.

This is an enforcement program to identify persons who are operating a motor vehicle with defective equipment, without a valid driver's license, without a proper vehicle registration, proper insurance or while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

The objectives of these checkpoints are to deter operation of defective vehicles, deter drivers without a valid license, insurance coverage or registration from driving and deter impaired drivers.

The goal is to conduct the checkpoints with a minimum amount of intrusion and inconvenience while ensuring the safety of motorists and officers.

Every citizen is asked to report impaired drivers to the nearest law enforcement

agency, giving the following information:

1. Where you saw the vehicle and which direction the vehicle was traveling.

2. A description of the vehicle: its color, make and model.

3. A description of the driver: sex, race, etc.

4. The vehicle license number and state.

Cellular telephone users may dial “Star FHP (*347)” to reach the nearest Florida Highway Patrol

Communications Office. This is a free call to the user and is a courtesy of the cellular companies in Florida.

Cellular callers should continue to dial 911 for emergency medical or fire rescue assistance.