Elections Supervisor to honor veterans

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Commission also approves Eagle Scout project

By Lou Elliott Jones, Editor

They fought for your right to vote, so Levy County Supervisor of Elections Tammy Jones would like to remind visitors to the County Courthouse that they should honor veterans by voting in elections.

Jones received approval from the Levy County Commission to place an exhibit, “Voting for Vets,” on an unused wall in the courthouse lobby. The wall exhibit, which will feature profiles of Levy County veterans, will be up in time for Veterans Day, Nov. 11.

During the same July 2 meeting, an Eagle Scout received approval of his plans to build picnic tables and trash receptacles at Blue Springs in Bronson.

Jones told the commission about her plans for the exhibit “Vote in Honor of a Vet.”

“It can be anybody in Levy County, as long as they served,” said Jones, who is the spouse of a Navy Reservist. She told the commission the exhibit would have photos and short biographies of the veterans. “We will make it look nice,” she said. She assured the commissioners that a committee would be formed to consider who would be included in the exhibit and when it would rotate veterans in and out of the exhibit. 

While Jones hoped to have a permanent exhibit, the commissioners asked that when special events occur Jones would make way temporarily for those exhibits. 

Commission Chair Ryan Bell of Chiefland (R-District 4) asked about the plan to rotate the veterans on display “because you would have so many people.” It has been estimated that as many as one-quarter of the county's 40,801 residents are veterans. 

In another service project, the commission unanimously approved waiving the fee charged to go swimming in Blue Springs park in Bronson for a group of Boy Scouts whol will be helping Scout Hunter Bell of Chiefland earn his Eagle Scout rank. 

The project by Hunter Bell, who is related to the commission chair, calls for construction of two 8-foot picnic tables  and a trash can holder at the park. 

The scout said he hoped this would provide a place for families to enjoy the experience of coming to the park.