Dixie Historical Society needs help

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The Dixie County Historical Society is submitting a grant application to the Plum Creek Foundation for funds to replace two air conditioning and heating units in the auditorium of the Dixie County Cultural Center, known locally as the “Old Old Town School.”
We are seeking your affirmation of support for this project.
The Dixie County cultural center was restored in 2000 with a historical preservation grant from the State of Florida. The heating and air systems used in the auditorium were not replaced at that time, and have provided another 10-plus years of service. They are now due to be replaced, and we have estimated the cost at around $10,000.
While serving the Old Town Elementary School until August 1999, the newly renovated auditorium has since become a site for concerts, plays, historical presentations and cultural programs. Most recently, fans of bluegrass music from throughout the tri-county area and beyond have enjoyed the monthly bluegrass performances of Big Cypress and other bluegrass and gospel bands. The Lake City College Chorus has performed here, and Sandra Rose Zender's play "Midnight at the Starlight” was presented on two separate occasions.
The maximum grant available from the Plum Creek Foundation is $10,000, and we have no assurance that the foundation will fully fund the project if our grant is approved
The grant application specifically ask for pledges/commitments made for this project. So, if you would like to donate specifically for this project, your contribution will be greatly appreciated. The Dixie County Historical Society is a 501(c)3 organization and any donations are tax-deductible.
Please direct your letter of support and donations to the Dixie County Historical Society, 761 S.E. Highway 349, Old Town, FL 32680. Our deadline for submitting our application is July 31, 2011.
Sherry Ragsdale
Dixie County historical Society