Diamond announces for county commission

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This election is all about jobs, and who is the most qualified to get jobs stimulated again. No one will work harder to get our workers back to work, and established businesses more customers.  With a 40-year  proven track record as a small business owner, he is in the best position to get results for this county. Mr. (Darryl) Diamond has a second business office in the Orlando area which is presently experiencing an economic boom compared to our county. Mr. Diamond is the only one to be able to bring that knowledge to the commission for the benefit of everyone. Mr. Diamond has an auction business which brings him to all four corners of this county. No matter if you are a  farmer in Williston growing peanuts or a farmer in Cedar Key growing Clams, Mr. Diamond will make sure that he is aware of the issues important to you. He knows that our large towns are important, however the more rural areas of our county also deserve attention.  
My method of governing will be simple. Find out what you want, and do it.  If you want a commission member that you can feel comfortable speaking to, and who will listen to your concerns, Darryl  Diamond wants your support. My website will be there for you to get information, and to give your input as much as the law allows. If  an essential needs item such as police, fire or even a hospital comes up, I would carefully consider that need and address it.
Now more than ever, voters want a commissioner with credentials that also has a track record of being involved. After close to 12 years of county involvement, everyone in Bronson already knows Mr. Diamond for a period of years, which will allow him to hit the ground running immediately.
  Mr. Diamond is the only one with over 8 years experience with land use issues on both sides of the podium, both with the Town Of Inglis on the town level, as well as land issues on the county level.. If you want a commissioner that has the energy to do all of the above with passion, consideration, integrity, and a positive attitude Darryl Diamond wants your support. Mr. Diamond worked his way through college earning a A.S. and  a B.A. in Psychology. His education and business back round has given him a unique ability to be able to put himself in the position of the people he deals with. This means that I will put my constituents needs at the top of  my list.  This election please review credentials before you vote, and make sure you vote for the person that has the best chance to put this county back on track for prosperity. Thank you for reading my brief bio, and remember to exercise your right to  vote the primary August 14th.