Desmond running for sheriff

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My name is Noel Desmond and I am a candidate for the Levy County Sheriff. Everyone would like to see a positive, upbeat campaign from candidates but a candidate must also be truthful to the voting public. With that thought in mind, allow me to say, I have been a Levy County resident for the past 32 years.
In that time I have seen four hold this sheriff’s seat. None of them have honored the true nature of that post. Drastic changes are needed in the way our Sheriff's Department conducts itself and its operations!
There has been a total lack of accountability from the leadership within the Sheriff's Department. The Levy County Sheriff's Department is permeated with political nepotism and outside political pressure. Deputies are fearful of losing their jobs and speak not of their concerns. This has led to a decline in morale amongst personnel, which detrimentally affects the level of protection for you, the Levy County Citizens.
As Sheriff, my door will be open to all departmental personnel. Concerns and suggestion on how to improve the efficiency of the department will be readily accepted with an open mind.
I not only have the expertise as a law enforcement officer in two states, including Florida but the education, will and tenacity to formulate this agency above all political influence.
In-house cliques and any form of outside political interference will not be tolerated.
This Sheriff's agency will become highly professional under my administration.  By doing so, department personnel will gain a personal worth, pride, satisfaction and yes, pleasure in their professional achievements, leading to better protection for the citizens of Levy County.
Under my administration our sheriff's department will not only be accountable to the Citizens of Levy County but viewable.
The citizens of Levy County are tired of politicians, including Sheriff Department candidates, voicing campaign promises, only to ignore what they have voiced, once elected!
My tenure as Sheriff will be one without special interest.
Please support me in my campaign for Sheriff of Levy County.
If you would like to support my campaign in any way,  please call me at 352-493-0979 or send an email to: noelchiefland@wildblue.net Please include your name, address and phone number.