City leader thinks four-year term is better than two

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By Jeff M. Hardison

Chiefland City Commissioner J. Rollin Hudson Jr. thinks the elected term for the office should be four years rather than two years.

He said the instability of a regime change every couple of years is unsettling to city workers.

Mayor M. Teal Pomeroy said city workers should be working for the people, regardless of who serves as the city manager or on the City Commission.

Vice Mayor Teresa Barron agreed with Hudson about four years being a better term of office for Chiefland City Commissioner.

To accomplish this, the Chiefland City Charter would have to be amended.

Chiefland City Attorney Norm Fugate said the charter may be amended only by a vote of the people. To put the question on the ballot, Fugate said, the City Commission can adopt an ordinance or a certain percentage of the registered voters in Chiefland can sign a petition.

Fugate, who is the city attorney for Inglis and Williston as well as Chiefland, said all three cities have two-year term limits. Williston recently put the question on the ballot to make a three-year term, Fugate said, but the voters rejected the idea. The city leaders are planning to put it up for vote again.

Pomeroy said it looks like the Williston City Commission does not listen to its voters, because they already said "No" once. Then, Pomeroy added he was joking.

Fugate said he found the change of a city charter is generally better received when the idea comes from the people rather than from the government leaders. There was no action taken on Hudson's proposal.