Chiefland fuel spill contained

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By Mark Scohier, Staff writer

About 100 gallons of fuel was spilled Monday morning at a Chiefland gas station, causing the station to be closed and surrounded by fire trucks for a few hours.
Chiefland Fire Rescue Chief James Harris said the spill, which took place at the Texaco on U.S. 27 at about 11:30 a.m., happened when a fuel truck pumped too much gas into a fuel storage tank located at the back of the station's parking lot.
The spill was trapped in a block containment area built around the storage tank, Harris said, but the presence of explosive fumes in the air prompted firefighters to douse the spill in foam.
"The driver made a mistake.You just got to be really careful," said store owner Stoney Smith. "Thank goodness it was in a containment area."
Smith said he thought the amount spilled was less than what is required to be reported, though he thought it a good idea, considering the close proximity of nearby businesses and Chiefland High School.
Smith, on the scene, said a hazardous materials truck was on its way to clean up the spill.