Chiefland FFA Alumni Meeting

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By KATE SHERIDAN, Citizen Correspondent

Dr. Don Goodman, a veterinarian from of Navasota, Texas, gave a presentation on the benefits of supplemental care for beef cattle Oct. 3 at the monthly FFA Alumni meeting. Goodman, represents Multimin brand cattle supplements. The company offers an injectable supplemental source of zinc, manganese, selenium and copper.

According to the Multimin website in its Florida summary, “Sandy, low organic-matter soils have been linked to the production of forages with low trace mineral content. The organic soils in the Okeechobee basin have also been associated with the production of forages high in molybdenum which is an antagonist of copper absorption. Copper is one of the most common trace minerals to be deficient in Florida beef cows.

“A potential to develop selenium deficiency has been widely recognized in Florida cattle. Dietary manganese absorption and retention in cattle is low, but manganese deficiency in grazing cattle is uncommon. However, considering the suspected effect of manganese on fertility and calf development, optimal manganese serum levels prior to and following calving is very important. Copper and zinc are absorbed through the same pathways, indicating a competition for absorption sites,” according to the website. “In Florida, sulfur is the most recognized trace mineral antagonist. High dietary sulfur can lead to a reduction in copper and selenium absorption. Other commonly recognized antagonists in Florida forages are molybdenum and iron. Both trace minerals are highly likely to initiate copper deficiency in cattle. Cattle with trace mineral deficiencies often show no clinical signs until they are severely deficient, the company stated on its website.”

Also present at the meeting was renown horse trainer Ryan Coaxum, of Blitchton. Coaxum and Goodman shared equal respect and admiration for the others work in the Agricultural world and were pleased to have attended the meeting.

A quick meeting followed dinner and Goodman’s presentation in which the alumni discussed upcoming fundraising ideas and activities such as the annual rodeo, clinics, silent auctions, the possible purchase of a set of scales, the membership drive and planned charity events.

The Chiefland FFA Alumni meets the first Tuesday of each month in the Chiefland High School cafeteria. Dinner which was hosted by Chiefland FFA Students and ag advisors Dallas Locke and Matt Detloff.