Cappy's Corner: What I've learned thus far

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By Mike Capshaw, Staff Writer

OK, so I've been here at the paper for almost a month now and there are a handful of things I've learned in a short time.

For the record, even though I may have learned a few things, I still know next-to-nothing about Levy County. But I am trying to learn more every day.

What I've learned thus far:

• If lights are accidently shut off with 1:02 remaining in the first half of a junior varsity boys game in Bronson, play will resume in partial darkness with just enough light to see from the 16 florescent light fixtures around the gym — Just be sure to clean those spooky cobwebs from between the scoreboard and one of the lights if the main lights, that are on a timer and have a "warming-up" period," are shut off during play again.

• Beauchamp is pronounced "Bee-Chum" in these parts ... So then how should I pronounce new Florida football coach Will Muschamp's last name?

• Bronson football coach Al Cooksey and Levy County Schools superintendent Bob Hastings could do stand-up comedy if they ever quit their day jobs.

• Folks in Williston badly want varsity soccer for boys at the high school.

• As strong as he was as a football player, Chiefland's Jamantye Thompson can hoop a little, too.

• Chiefland senior Bo Beauchamp (pronounced Bee-Chum) is a nice guy by all accounts. Still, even he can say enough to a referee warrant a technical foul. What he said wasn't obscene, but Big Bo was correct because the call was "terrible."

• Telling a referee his call was "ridiculous" also will earn a coach a technical foul, as will mocking the ref's "One-and-one" call. Just ask the Chiefland girls basketball bench about those.

• Referees, in general, don't know the rules. Being close enough to take pictures makes me privy to debates between officials that most fans cannot hear. Some are solid, but many are clueless and make calls that are both "terrible" and "ridiculous."

• Chiefland 6-foot sophomore Halie Hammond could be a dominating force in the post with a little fine tuning.

• The same can be said of 6-6 freshman DeVaughn Jenkins of Bronson. The sky's the limit for that young man.

• Chiefland's Eugene Carter can take over a game at any time with his ability to score from most any spot on the floor once he crosses the timeline.

• It can get very cold here in the "Sunshine State."

• Hoops cheerleaders sit in the stands instead of lining the baseline, which is what I've always been accustomed to covering sports in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Nothing is more distracting to a teenaged boy than trying drain a three-pointer from the corner with a teenage girl yelling in his ear.

• Dealing drugs at the skate park, or anywhere for that matter, is not a good idea.

• Chiefland's boys basketball players are fortunate to have a coach with Adam Boyd's knowledge and character. Enjoy him while he's here as a larger school is sure to notice his talents before too long, and try to scoop him up with a hefty raise.

• If you drive in the southbound lane from Chiefland and Bronson between 10 p.m and midnight, you're almost certain to see a ton of deer.

These are just a few things I've learned, which, as I've pointed out, ain't much.

I wonder what the next month will bring?