Cappy's Corner: The ball is in your court

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By Mike Capshaw, Staff Writer

This is my cry for help. This is my plea to you — the reader, the fan, the coach, the parent, the teacher, the administrator, the classmate, the grandma and even the players themselves— to take over ownership of this sports section.

This is YOUR newspaper about YOUR community, but are you getting everything you want? Are you seeing the best possible stories from the Levy County world of sports every week? 

I think not. In fact, other than game recaps, there’s not been a ton of features in this section. Features go beyond the box scores and let us in on the personalites behind the stat lines. I’ve only been here a month, so I haven’t a clue about what the best features out there are. Sure, I can take a look at a team and figure out who the best player or two is and write a feature about DeVaughn Jenkins or Eugene Carter or Halie Hammond or Taylore Fuller.

We’ll write those features for sure in the coming weeks, but those players get their names in the headlines all the time. We want to know about the folks who make those stars shine so bright, the unsung heros, if you will, who are not neccessarily the best passer or rebounder or base stealer, but still have a story worth telling that our readers will enjoy reading.

Perhaps there’s a special- needs kid who’s helping out a local team as the equipment manager? Or a grandmother who cooks pregame meals for the entire team? Or a local businessman donating a bunch of money to help with uniforms? Or an athlete doing community service or mentoring to younger students?

There are dozens of people behind the scenes that make sports special. Perhaps they’re on the bench or sidelines or even role players who may not score all the points but have intriguing stories to share. Stories that need to be told.

I liken it to the lineman who throws the block that springs tailback Jamantye Thompson loose for a long touchdown run. Jamantye is sure to get a mention in the paper (just to note, we’re going to have to ban running anymore pictures of him before someone complains), but that linemen rarely does. Maybe that linemen serves as a volunteer firefighter or leads the youth group in his church? Maybe he survived a bad car crash as a kid or overcame knee surgery to play again?

I don’t know. Only you know what the best features are because you’ve lived here your entire life and grew up together. I’m still the outsider. That’s why I need you to tell me. I need your help in making this the best sports section possible. It is, after all, YOUR newspaper about YOUR community.

So tell me what you want to see in YOUR sports section by emailing story ideas to sports@chieflandcitizen.com or by messaging us on our Facebook page @Chiefland Citizen-Sports. All submissions will be considered. 

 Thank you in advance for your help.