Browning running for county judge

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To all my Levy County friends and family:
I am announcing my candidacy to remain your Levy County Judge, a position I have had the honor to hold for over the past two years. In 1989, I began my service to the citizens of Levy County as an Assistant State Attorney in Bronson. For the past twenty three years, I have continuously served the citizens of Levy County and all the citizens of the Eighth Judicial Circuit. I’ve served as Division Chief for State Attorney’s Office of Levy County and Gilchrist County. I was promoted to Division Chief of Crimes Against Women and Families, where I supervised attorneys in a unit handling specialized prosecutions. Ultimately, I was promoted to Chief of Special Prosecutions, a specialized unit assigned only the most serious of cases in our Judicial Circuit such as murder, kidnapping and sexual battery. I have personally handled and supervised thousands of serious felony cases. I have extensive experience in serious and complex jury trials. Who I am as your Judge was forged in the courtrooms of our circuit handling serious and complex cases. I have spent my life seeking justice for the victims of crime and closure for the families of those victims. It was my calling.
As Levy County Judge, I know God has given me a broader calling to serve the people of Levy County.
I am the ONLY judicial candidate in this election with judicial experience. I have been your County Judge over the past two years. I have presided over thousands of cases including both criminal and civil cases. As the presiding Judge, I have extensive experience in all aspects of case work such as first appearances, arraignments, motion work, hearings and Trial. I have been the Trial Judge on cases in county cases ranging from D.U.I. to Battery.
I am also an acting Circuit Judge throughout the Circuit. I have been the presiding Trial Judge on circuit cases ranging from Robbery to Attempted Murder with a Firearm. I am the presiding Judge in Juvenile Delinquency Court, Dependency Court matters and Shelter Hearings for children. I routinely handle domestic violence injunctions, domestic violence hearings and review both search warrants and arrest warrants for law enforcement.
I am the ONLY judicial candidate in this election with judicial training, having completed Judicial College, Advanced Judicial Studies and D.U.I Adjudication Lab Conference.
I have been an Adjunct Professor at the University of Florida, Fredric G. Levin College of Law teaching law students in trial practice. I have been a Faculty Instructor of both Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys at the Prosecutor and Public Defender Conference and I have lectured at the State Attorneys Office and for Law Enforcement on topics such as jury selection, domestic violence and sexual battery investigation.
I have been married to wife Georgia for over 26 years and we live in Morriston, Florida. My wife is an elementary school teacher for the past 25 years and has recently accepted a teaching position at Joyce Bullock Elementary in Williston.
I have spent my career serving both citizens of Levy County and all the citizens of the Eighth Judicial Circuit. I am proven as your Judge. I am proven in my commitment to Levy County. I ask humbly for your support. My promise to you is that I will continue to work hard for justice all the people of Levy County. Thank you and may God Bless You.