Bluebird lovers can enter nesting info online

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 The Florida Bluebird Society (FBS) has initiated an on-line program to gather information about nesting efforts of the Eastern Bluebird in Florida. 

The on-line reporting program developed by Faith Jones, treasurer of the Florida Bluebird Society,  is intended to gather seasonal nest box summaries from individuals who monitor nest boxes throughout Florida. 

The FBS is enlisting the efforts of all individuals, both FBS members and non-members, who maintain bluebird nest boxes in Florida, whether they monitor just one box or 100 or more boxes. The questionnaire will be sent to all FBS members.  Non-FBS members can download the questionnaire on the FBS web site (floridabluebirdsociety.com).  Participants will be able to complete an on-line questionnaire and electronically submit their answers to the FBS. 

Nesting information sought by the FBS is intended to provide data which can be utilized to evaluate nest-box efforts and to help individuals maximize their efforts in establishing and maintaining nest boxes.  

The data also will help determine the status of the Eastern Bluebird in Florida. The questionnaire includes a variety of pertinent areas, such as  habitat in which nest box located; date of first nest attempt; total number of eggs laid; and total number of birds which fledged.

The Florida Bluebird Society was organized in August 2009 to help foster the conservation and protection of Bluebirds and other federally protected cavity nesting bird species in North America through educational programs and the collection and dissemination of pertinent and relevant information.