BACK Fighting Cancer: helping parents focus on their children

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BACK Fighting Cancer, the fund raising organization in honor of the young cancer survivors who’s initials make up its name, Bridget Mathis, Austin Allen, Corbin Wiggins and Kendall Bush, gave a $2500 check to another cancer survivor during their recent board meeting. The recipient, five year old Madison Corbin, was diagnosed with Leukemia in June 2012 and received her check nearly a year later.

“At first it was just a picture on a jug, it took me three weeks to find her,” BACK board member Heather Mathis said of Madison. Director of the board, Natasha Allen, said that not a lot of people know about their organization yet. “If someone knows of someone who has a child that’s been diagnosed, they know where they can go.”

Madison’s mom, Jessica Corbin said, “It’s awesome. I think we’re going to use it to go on vacation. She was diagnosed a week before we had planned to go on vacation.”

“She’s been wanting to go to the beach,” John Corbin, Madison’s dad chimed in about her.

“The goal is to help parents focus on the children during their treatment,” said BACK board member Patrick Allen.

BACK Fighting Cancer will also be awarding four $250 scholarships to students in schools in the tri-county area, each one in honor of one of the four kids for which the organization is based. This year a student at Dixie County High School will receive one of the scholarships in honor of Kendall Bush, a student from Trenton High School in honor of Corbin Wiggins, and one will be awarded to a student at Chiefland High School.

Next year, the scholarships will go to students at Dixie County High School, two at Trenton High School, and one at Bell High School, the schools the four kids will eventually graduate from. Recipients will go through an application process and the winner will be chosen by each school. All the recipients must plan on entering a health-related career.