Suzette Cook
Levy Water Department Director Jimmy Jones
County adopts new water rates

Suzette Cook, Reporter

The Levy County Board approved two resolutions that put into effect schedules of water rates, fees and charges for customers of University Oaks and Manatee Utilities water systems.

According to Commission Chair John Meeks, the new rates will help the County collect on abandoned utility bills. “We are increasing the deposit because the old deposit was so low, that people would leave us and wouldn’t come by and pay their bill,” Meeks said. “So this way, at least $100 covers the majority of water usage.”

The deposit amount increase will not be applied to current customers.

For returned checks, “We had a $35 return check charge,” said County Water Department Director Jim Jones. Now, the amount charged to a customer for a returned check will be, “the amount that the County is charged,” he said. Sometimes the charge for a returned check is more than the previously set $35 fee, explained Jones.