Chiefland Middle High School senior Jimmy Boyle is planning a Survivor-styled challenge for willing participants on a Cedar Key island in 2020.
The Ultimate Survival Challenge

Suzette Cook, Reporter

Jimmy Boyle is standing on a deserted island off Cedar Key. He is dressed in camouflage. The beat of tribal drums echoes as the aerial footage captured by a drone scopes out the uninhabited landscape. The music fades as the camera zooms in on Boyle. He offers this challenge to the viewer: “Whoever outlasts each other through the effects of hunger, dehydration and mental insanity will gain the pot prize.”

Boyle, 17, is a senior at Chiefland Middle High School and a big fan of the CBS show “Survivor.” He said he would like to compete on the show but has to turn 18 first. The accomplished pole vaulter is getting a jumpstart on his plan by creating a competition that involves a $50 entry fee and allows 25 people to join him on an undisclosed island.

The event is planned for next summer 2020, Boyle said. “I got the idea while sitting in class one day,” he said. He asked a few friends what they thought and they encouraged him to “go for it.”