Levy County Attorney Anne Bast Brown gives an update on a lawsuit filed in 2018 by Levy County against Purdue Pharma and dozens of distributors of opium painkillers.
Levy County goes after collusion in lawsuit against opioids suppliers

Suzette Cook, Reporter

The Board of Levy County Commissioners has agreed to pursue a claim in federal court that addresses collusion of companies involved in the distribution of opioids.

According to a lawsuit filed in April 2018 by Levy County against Purdue Pharma and dozens of doctors and medical clinics that write prescriptions for opium “opioids” painkillers, Levy County claims greed and profits have been put “above the health and well-being of Levy County consumers” at the cost of the County.

“Levy County spends millions of dollars each year to provide and pay for healthcare, services, pharmaceutical care and other necessary services and programs on behalf of residents of its County whom are indigent or otherwise eligible for services, including payments through services such as Medicaid for prescription opium painkillers (“opioids”) which are manufactured, marketed, promoted, sold, and/or distributed by the Defendants,” the lawsuit says.”