Emergency Management asks Levy County residents to report storm damage

Suzette Cook, Reporter

Nineteen inches of rain in five days, more than 30 roads closed or restricted, one school closed, adjusted school bus routes and fish jumping onto US Highway 19.

Levy County Emergency Management Director John MacDonald asked the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) for permission to amend the August 20 meeting agenda so that he could report the results of steady rainfall in Levy County he compares to levels reached in 2003.

According to MacDonald, Inglis, Yankeetown, Gulf Hammock and Rosewood “probably got the worst of it as far as rainfall.”

The County is urging citizens to report any storm damage so that countywide totals can lead to State and Federal relief.

If Levy County reports approximately $127,000 in damages, we can get a local declaration of emergency, MacDonald said.

When all the counties meet their thresholds, it goes to the State. If the State reaches its threshold of $26 million, then the governor can go and ask for federal assistance from the President through FEMA MacDonald told the BOCC.

“I have seen it done under that in 2003.”