Brad Etheridge
School Board Chair: No more interruptions

An audience member went to the podium at the June 11 Levy County School Board meeting and stated that she had three questions about a recent hiring process.

After the first question, Attorney David M. Delaney advised the Board to not respond to the questions and said, “This is a public comment period. Sometimes members of the public or the media can be directed to individuals within the district who can look into a question and get back to them. But the Board is not expected to have answers on the spot.

“The public comment period is a time for the public to bring information to the board,” Delaney continued, and as the audience member asked more questions challenging the Board and the superintendent and second guessing a specific new hire, the Board listened, but offered no response.

The audience member then stated how she would have gone a different route on what qualifications should be necessary for the position.